Google Play Store APK v3.10.10

Google Play Store 3.10.10

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It seems Google just started pushing out a new version of Google Play Store, 3.10.10 — a pretty small upgrade. While we’re yet to find out any changes made by Google in Play Store’s APK, and going by the numbers, it sure looks like a bug fixer release, which is yet to see launch on bigger scale yet.

For now, those who can’t wait for Google to push it to their android phones and tablets can just download the APK from link below and install it manually. If you are pretty new to all this, the detail gudie below wil surely be of help.

Download Google Play Store APK v3.10.10

Filename: plstore3.10.10.apk. Size: 5.87 MB.

Here’s the detailed guide for those who would need.

How to Install Google Play Store APK 3.10.10

  1. Download the Google Play Store APK v3.10.10 from above.
  2. If you downloaded the Google Play APK file on PC, transfer it to phone
  3. Enable manual installation of apps on your android device, which is disabled by default. For this, if you are on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above, go to Settings » Security and enable ‘Unknown Sources’. For Android 2.3 and below, go to Settings » Application » enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ .
  4. You’ll need a file manager app (like, My Files app on Samsung Galaxy devices). So, if you haven’t got one already installed on your phone, grab a free one called Solid Explorer App, however any file manager would do fine.
  5. Now, open the file explorer app and go to folder where you downloaded/transferred the Google Play APK file. (Btw, if you downloaded it on phone, it should be in Download folder).
  6. Find the Google Play APK that you downloaded in step 1 and tap on it – plstore3.10.10.apk – to begin installation and you will be done in less than a minute.

In case you are not able to install it on your android device, let us know via comments below.

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  1. Patricia McConnell says: Reply

    I own a Craig CMP741E tablet. It’s a cheapie but it serves my purpose except that I can’t access the google playstore to download apps. I tried the 3.10.10 and it starts to load then comes up with “Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped. OK”. I really would like to have the Play Store installed as there are better apps there. I don’t know how to do what is called a “root” and am afraid of ruining the device trying.

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Many such low-cost devices are actually lack the Google certification, and thus Google Play Store doesn’t work. Root, or a custom rom, might be the answer, but try that after confirming it. Root is simply getting full access of your device.. so that you can change even the system files at the root of device. Good luck!

  2. Juan says: Reply

    It didn’t work in Huawei Honor 2, 1g version

  3. Kevin says: Reply

    Does not work on coby kyros MID8048-4 on 4.0 android ice cream sandwich

    1. bj says: Reply

      i got a solution for you.. let me find the link

  4. HP Touchpad with Cyanogenmod9 20121212 doesn’t work. t flashes the loading screen briefly, then closes.

  5. Antonio says: Reply

    Boa tarde
    Acabei de experimentar o aplicativo “google play apk v3.10.10” no meu COBY MID7042.
    Resultado:-Infelizmente não funciona!
    Conclusão:-Não entendo como google permite que a versão android 4.0 instalada neste tablet
    venha de fábrica com este bloqueio direccionado aos serviços google (sincronização de calendário, activação/sincronização conta gmail, contactos etc).

    Eis o meu despontamento

  6. Antonio says: Reply

    Good afternoon
    I just try the app “google play apk v3.10.10” in my COBY MID7042.
    Result: Unfortunately, it does not work!
    Conclusion: I do not understand how google allows the android version 4.0 installed on this tablet
    come standard with this blockade directed to google services (calendar synchronization, activation / sync gmail account, contacts etc).
    Here is my despontamento

  7. Antonio says: Reply

    Boa noite

    Voltei a instalar o “google play apk v3.10.10” no meu COBY MID7042, mas foi um fracasso!!

    Este tablet serve apenas como objecto decorativo

  8. Antonio says: Reply

    Good night
    I went back to install “google play apk v3.10.10” in my COBY MID7042, but it was a failure!
    This tablet is merely a decorative object

  9. Heidi Barbera says: Reply

    Guys you literally saved my life, I was struggling with this for months and now my cellphone is back, thanks!!

  10. ClassicGirl79 says: Reply

    No luck on my LG Optimus V, but that’s almost certainly my fault. I did the big bad (played around in a rooted phone without knowing what I was doing) and deleted the Market/Play app from my phone. Got it back once, then (I KNOW), did it again, and now nothing’s working – the best I get is a “problem parsing this package” error or an antiquated version of the Market that crashes whenever I try to download anything or visit “My apps.” I can only imagine I’m going to have to buy a new phone, because if I can’t manage not to screw up when working with Link2SD, I clearly can’t begin to contemplate things like flashing. Expensive lesson… 🙁

  11. Quincy trinidad says: Reply

    I have a problem every time I open the google play app it closes on me I purchased a gadmei e8 tablet any advice

  12. bj says: Reply

    this works for any tablet that has the telle chips processer and may work for others. it gives you root and gapps

  13. Tim says: Reply

    Coby MID8042 here, and I have been trying to get this on my tablet all day. My issue is with this file is thati cannot get an execution out of the file. Also with previous version of the apk when installed the google play store closes instantly.

  14. Hello, I installed google play on Cruz Tablet T100 with android version 2.2.1 but it does not work. Can you please help me?

  15. Moises Romero says: Reply

    yo thanks a lot finally it works on my tablet i’ve tried many time trying to download this but this time it worked thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!!!

  16. LOUISE KHOE says: Reply

    not working on my huawei U9508. Please help. thanks.

  17. Its not working. My mobile is Coby kyros. Ice cream sandwich android. Evry time I open it, it closes. Help me please? :((

  18. xOide says: Reply

    I got Sony Ericsson W8 with android 2.1. When i try installing the apk it say’s “Packet analyze problems”.

    And i cant install it…

  19. karen formosa says: Reply

    I have the newman n2 and the google play wasn’t loading. I downloaded it again dut it is still not working pls advise

  20. Sarjilbaloch says: Reply

    I didnt buy any thing to my atm card i will b fill evrything but the error say what can i do pls help me

  21. Sharon says: Reply

    When I open google play store it gives me an error message -101 so I am unable to use it. Any suggestions

  22. Jerry Potts says: Reply

    downloaded to my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III (after the original install disappeared). It appears to have installed ok but as the first decline/accept box opens, the app closes.

  23. lily pacheco says: Reply

    I did everything you said to do and it’s not working. I have a Samsung.galaxy s fascinate:(?

  24. what do i do if i cant download an file manager app (google play wont start at all)?

  25. Junji Tsuchiya says: Reply

    I can not found plstore3.10.10.apk

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