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Another week and another update to Android Market, now dubbed as Google Play Store. The latest update to Play Store is v3.5.15, the last one being v3.4.7.

The Play Store v3.5.15 update can be had by anyone with an android device but I guess one would need Android 2.3 or higher to be able to upgrade.

It doesn’t matter which version of android market or Google Play Store you already have, you simply download the APK file and install it on your android device to upgrade the Play Store to c3.5.15, all pretty easily, and without waiting for Google to update your Android Market / Play Store app over-the-air.


Btw, to know the list of changes brought by the Google Play Store v3.5.15, check out below.

How to Install the Google Play Store App 3.5.15

Installing the update manually is simple. You don’t need root, ADB or anything, just download the Play Store’s APK file and transfer it to your phone’s SD Card and then use a file manager to browse to it and install. (Don’t forget select the “Unknown sources” check box under applications settings before that so that you’re able to install apps manually.)

If what we said above was completely new to you, we;re sure you will definitely make good use of the detailed step by step guide produced below:

  1. Download the APK file of new Google Play Store App from the above.
  2. If you downloaded it on PC, transfer it to phone.
  3. You’ll need a file manager to browse through SD Card. If you don’t have one already, use this file manager (install for free from your current market app, which will soon be Google Play Store (Shop) App.
  4. Enable “Unknown sources” under Settings » Applications, so that you can install applications from SD Card. If you are on Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0, find it under Settings » Security.
  5. Open file manager app and go to directly where you transferred the apk file in Step 2.
  6. Find and tap on the file to begin installation procedure and it will be installed in a minute.
  7. That’s it.

Changes in Google Play Store v3.5.15

Well, there are hell lot of changes to talk about. It’s definitely one big update to Market/Play Store, and would make the app management on your device pretty easy, especially after the sales we’ve had recently which all but resulted in lots of very cheap app purchases.

Frankly, I was buying all cool apps under the last two sales, stopped only by the fact that I had already ourchased that app on offer, and my ‘My Apps’ list ion the Play Store looked really lengthy and cumbersome. Well, the Play Store v3.5.15 fixes that and makes way for two tabs: INSTALLED and ALL.

All the changes we’ve come to know so far in Play Store v3.5.15 are here:

  1. As just said above, the My Apps list now stands bifurcated into two lists: INSTALLED and ALL. Go to My Apps using the Menu and you’ll be presented with INSTALLED tab, swipe left go to ALL apps list and swipe right to get back to INSTALLED apps list. As you would expect, the list apps you’ve purchased (whether under sale, or normally) but don’t have installed on the device are under ALL apps list/tab.
  2. App reviews by users has received a major update too. You are now able to sort reviews — by most helpful first and newest first — and can filter the reviews for the app by the latest version of the app, and by your own device, meaning only reviews made by users who the same device you are suing will show up. Pretty nice, eh! One more thing, the device used by the user when reviewing the app is shown with the review.
  3. Other little updates:
    1. On the ALL apps tab under My Apps, you get an option to select your Google account (only if you have more than one Google account added, of course), as a drop down, meaning you don’t have to choose it by going to settings anymore. All accounts you’ve added on the device show up for selection once you tap on the drop down, which shows the names of the account you’re currently using.
    2. Installed apps which weren’t showing in the Play Store’s earlier versions (whether that be v3.4.7, or v3.4.6) now get recognized and duly shown under my Apps’ INSTALLED tab.

Well, that’s that about the new Android Market, the Google Play Store v3.5.15. Let us know if you are not able to install it on your android device and we’ll help you out. Also, if you spot any new features feel free to share.

Overview of Google Play Store v3.5.15

Google Play Store v.5.15 Screenshots

Install Google Play Store APK 3.5.15

New Android Market

Play Store APK

Play Store Application


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  1. Voltaire Tan 1979 says: Reply

    I think a major update is that when u use app such as LCD RESOLUTION, or LCD DENSITY CHANGER, you will not receive the “app not compatible with device” when the base ppi is not 220 or 360. I’m using a PPI of 200 which makes the screen maximize space for SGS2

  2. Drkzl 17246 says: Reply

    I used Huawei C8650 and no preinstalled android market app (google play store). I downloaded and installed google play store apk 3.5.15 as instructions. After installation, asked me whether to create new account and when I press YES, it close. Anbody’s suggestion?

    1. I got the same problem!!

  3. Cyber Kinfg says: Reply

    i will be use google play android market in my mobile phone .imobile-i693 .what was be want chack to help make me please. already have gmail account i will be use Thanks

  4. Justdie4u says: Reply

    parse error

  5. doesnt work with kindle fire

  6. Jisties says: Reply

    good one. worked for me.

  7. Anirban Shome1 says: Reply

    Doesn’t working on hcl me u1,

  8. its coming “there is a problem parsing the package “

  9. troc says: Reply

    how do i change account? thnx!

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Default account remains, you cannot change the first account you entered at the time of setup. But you can add an additional account and use that in Google Store. Open Google Play app, press 3 dot key on the screen and select Accounts.

      1. troc says: Reply

        i can select only that first acc there… I don’t find any more options. maybe reinstall?

        1. Kapil says: Reply

          Isn’t there an option at the bottom, in grey? Anyway, simply go to settings – Accounts and Sync and add an account there, it will show in Google Play too.

          1. troc says:

            nothing there only the primary account. OS: Android 4.0, Play Store build ver 3.5.19(!)

          2. troc says:


          3. troc says:

            nothing there only the primary account. OS: Android 4.0, Play Store build ver 3.5.19(!)

          4. troc says:

            nothing there only the primary account. OS: Android 4.0, Play Store build ver 3.5.19(!)

          5. troc says:

            nothing there only the primary account. OS: Android 4.0, Play Store build ver 3.5.19(!)

          6. troc says:

            nothing there only the primary account. OS: Android 4.0, Play Store build ver 3.5.19(!)

          7. Kapil says:

            Okay… add one from Accounts and Sync option in Settings.

          8. troc says:

            success! big thanks! 🙂

          9. Kapil says:


      2. Afia says: Reply

        Hello Kapil,
        I have tried that option but I still can’t create a new account for Google Store. Please help me out. Thanks

  10. juicy says: Reply

    When I press install on kindle fire when download is complete it does absolutely nothing, any help would awesome

  11. Me says: Reply

    Thanks for the great info. I noticed that my husbands phone never updated and the installed apps were not being updated like mine. Followed instructions and voila, there it is. Thanks again.

  12. Ejmir101 says: Reply

    I have a yarvik gotab zetta, and luckily i did setup everything. but when i try to download it says, play store has stopped working. or before: error while some kind of payment, but i wasn’t buying apps i was downloading free apps!!! please help me!!!!

  13. u mom says: Reply

    i dont downlod

  14. wingmaster81 says: Reply

    Won’t open on my memup slide ng9716 help please

  15. anna says: Reply

    Hi guys,can ànyone help m,please.I have a disgo 8104 and it doesn t have google play store or any android market…from a few days I am reading coments and looking on internet and trying to find out how can I install google play store? In the end I have aded the play store with the white shopping bag on my desktop,I have followed some steps which Ihave founded in here ,somewhere…I had to try manyh times to be able to open this play store but now when I can open it when I am trying to download any game it shown me an error as: “RPC:S-5:AEC-0′. Can aanyone help me with this.
    I have download the one from. This pages.

  16. yurik says: Reply

    Please HELP!!!!
    I Has buy Xperia X10(2.3.3) week ago,there miss android marker and dont have google apps,so i tried to download the apk file google apps,i have installed all is ok,but when i open google apps and tap on ADD ACCOUNT its loading 1 sec and close.Please Help i has locked everywhere but cant fix problem
    P/S Sorry for my bad english

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