Google Play APK 3.8.15

Google Play APK 3.8.15

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The Google  Play Store android app has a new version, 3.8.15, which (finally) brings home two of the very missed features: gift card and wish list. While Google hasn’t updated many android devices to latest version yet, which Google would do soon enough (maybe in coming few weeks) to all eligible android phones and tablets, the APK of Google Play 3.8.15 has been leaked on to Internet and is available for download.

Before we see the download and installation guide of Google Play 3.8.15, let’s first check out what the two new great additions to Play Store are. Know that both these features are not exactly live right now, and have come into limelight only because of the presence of icons with such names in APK’s package — which, in case you are doubtful, is good enough proof to rely on.

First up, there is wish list. You will be able to bookmark apps that you’re not sure about installing right away or just can’t because it’s just not compatible for your current android device. I guess there is more to it. I think you and I will be able to share this wish list with anyone we think is interested in it. And, in the case of children or similar-fated, maybe they can share a paid-apps list with their parents to take care of buying and paying stuff with those apps. Maybe this will be integrated with what is the second big feature update to Google Play 3.8.15, gift card.

Yes, gift card. You will be able to insert a code to redeem a paid app (or in-app purchases) for free or get a good discount on it, by using gift card code. Hopefully, we android blogs will be putting it to good use too, because we can have a little good paid-app-giveaway on our blogs quite easily now, with gift card, once live, making sure of how to send the prizes to winners pretty easily. Apart from that, you should be able to buy apps for your loved ones with this and sending them a code so that they can download it for free.

About the gift card feature, I think this would have more to do with nasty in-app purchases stuff. You see, now a game developer can set his game like this: when you reach level 5, you’ll get a code redeem a weapon or something, or if you get top scores for some 5-6 levels in a game, you get another app of same developer as free. The possibilities, as has always been the case with Android, are endless.

These feature aren’t live as of now, so we are not that sure how things will exactly work and what you will need to be able to put these new features to good use. And there maybe more updates in plan by Google, maybe by simply activating things on this version or throwing in a whole new version of Google Play, which we will know soon enough. More exciting stuff coming soon to Google Play Store, guys!

Okay, enough talk, let’s download the Google Play APK v3.8.15.

How to Install Google Play Store APK 3.8.15

  1. Go to the mediafire page linked and download the latest Google Play APK 3.8.15. Filename: Gplay3.8.15.apk
  2. If you downloaded it on PC, connect your phone to PC and transfer it to phone. Just remember the location where you transferred it on phone or downloaded it.
  3. Enable installation of apps from memory/sdcard. For this, go to Settings » Applications and enable “Unknown sources” so that you can install applications from SD Card. If you are on Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean (Android 4.0 and lovely Android 4.1, respectively), find it under Settings » Security.
  4. Make sure you have a file manager installed. Anyone one would do, but if you want our recommendation, it would be Solid Explorer App.  Open the file manager and go to folder where you downloaded/transferred the Gplay3.8.15.apk file (if you downloaded it on phone, it should be in Download folder).
  5. Tap on the Google Play 3.8.15’s apk file — Gplay3.8.15.apk — to begin installation procedure and it will be installed in less than a minute. That’s it. Open the Google Play app now from the app drawer.

Let us know via comments if you need any help over installing/downloading this. And, I guess, you’ll need to be on Android 2.3 and higher to be able to update your Google Play.

Google Play 3.8.15 Screenshots

Google Play Store 3.8.15

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  1. nirmal says: Reply

    how can i updat my tab. gt p6200 to android 4. currently using android 3.2
    what is procedure to update.

  2. Ntasu says: Reply

    Just downloaded googleplay 3.8.15 on my galaxy tab 2 and its nt working. Android system not workingg

  3. evelyn greene says: Reply

    I downloaded the app and installed it I try and open it and it closes instantly

  4. hi ….. i m installed this app in my hcl me tab…….but it was not working

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