Google Play APK 3.5.19

Google Play APK 3.5.19

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The Google Play Store is now v3.5.19, up from v3.5.16 which was the last update (now second-last of course). Anyway, we’ve got the APK file Google Play v3.5.19 ready for you to download and use on your Android phone or tablet, and we think one would need to be on Android 2.2 or higher to be able to use the updated the Google Play App. We’re still digging on the changes made to this version 3.5.19 of Google Play, and will update the post accordingly.

For now, let’s just install the app. Well, it’s just an APK file, the app installer file for Android, so all you need to do is download the APK file from step 1 below, and install the app using a file manager of your choice. For those new to this and would prefer a detailed guide, see below.

How to Install Google Play APK v3.5.19

  1. Download Google Play 3.5.19 APK file. [Alternative download link (for downloading on phones if first link doesn’t work)]
  2. If you downloaded it on PC, transfer it to phone.
  3. You’ll need a file manager to browse through SD Card. If you don’t have one already, use this file manager (install for free from your current Google Play Store/Android Market app.
  4. Enable “Unknown sources” under Settings » Applications, so that you can install applications from SD Card. If you are on Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0, find it under Settings » Security.
  5. Open file manager app and go to directly where you transferred the APK file in Step 2.
  6. Find and tap on the file to begin installation procedure and it will be installed in less than a minute. That’s it.

Will update the post later with all changes made in this update, so hold on and check back later. Meanwhile, if you spot any changes over the last version 3.5.16, do share with us in comments below. Also, if you need any help over installation, let us know via comments and we’ll be sure to help you out.

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  1. I followed the steps but I still can’t open/install the apk file 🙁
    “Parse Error: There is a problem parsing the package.” please help 🙁

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Which android OS version you are trying this one? Android 2.2, 2.1? Download and try again.

  2. sash says: Reply

    I tried to download but can ‘t. It goes to mediafire.

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      You have to download from mediafire only. Click on download link there.

  3. brucepainter says: Reply

    I have a kindle fire rooted and running ICS.  Android version 4.0.4… I can download the file and it installs, but when I try to run it, it opens and then immediately closes.

    any ideas ?

    1. Greg says: Reply

      I start it and it says I must add an account, then it closes. Non rooted kindle fire.

    2. kaykay says: Reply

      brucepainter .. did you get around this issue? I’m hit exactly at the same point…

  4. guest says: Reply

    it won’t install, file is in chinese too..

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      It’s not chinese, I’ve tested it. Which phone you are trying it on? What’s the Android OS version, like 2.1, 2.2 or?

  5. jester says: Reply

    i am using a rooted creative ziio 10″ was running the old market place wont run the new one running the latest android version

  6. Juan says: Reply

    Installed on a VirtualBox x86 virtual machine, Android 4.0.1
    App installed fine but launches and closes immediatelly, too.

  7. ciao io ho cyanogen 4.0.4 ma google play non si apre perchè? ho installato la 3.5.19 aiutoooo

  8. Help please, I can’t seem to install Google Play on my phone. 🙁 It say that it has stopped and it has to force close. Why? Help me please! 🙁

  9. Robyn says: Reply

    I keep getting a purchasing error after trying to download any app.

  10. kaylyn brooks says: Reply

    Well I’ve done everything in the directions but I go to the file, I can’t install it. Help?

  11. Alexander 1987 says: Reply

    MAN! why can’t i install this on my Motorola Quench ?
    it say there is no way to creat a billing adress ?
    WTF dose that mean ? lol

    is there a Google play .apk
    for the quench ver2 software.
    Seriously. iv been getting
    frustrated with this all day
    no google play .apk file
    works on my quench.

  12. Lindsey says: Reply

    Thank you so much! My Google Play store had totally stopped working until I downloaded this! Your a tablet saver!

    1. mike says: Reply


  13. ES says: Reply

    will this work on the coby kyros with android 4.0?

  14. cm says: Reply

    Completely useless. I asked for the market. Not some useless browser link. Delete your site

  15. mike says: Reply

    Toshiba thrive at105 with 3.2.1 This is a reconditioned model just purchased. Did not come with a lot of software. I downloaded the Play apk and it installed ok, but when it runs I see a message about registering an account. According to settings – accounts, I am registered with a gmail address. Any idea of what I’m missing?

  16. samuel says: Reply

    i install it on my HTC device with android4.0.4, After installing it. I click the Icon, it closed with no informations. I don’t know why

  17. So let’s just say that for some odd reason, Google Play uninstalled from my phone completely and i cant download the file manager… how do i install it?!

    1. androidnate says: Reply

      perform a “factory” reset on your phone. it worked for me

  18. elango says: Reply

    Hi There, I have hcl me tab u1 tablet. Now i need to install google play. I have tried many times is not work properly. Advance thanks,

  19. Según aTrackDog, ya existe la apk del Google Play Store 3.7.8 para los Android < 4.0
    Donde se puede encontrar?

  20. harshvardhan says: Reply

    i am using android 4.0
    i installed google play as u told
    but as soon as i open it , it displays the message ” unfortunately, google play store has stopped”
    kindly help….

    1. elia says: Reply

      I have the same issue, plz help

    2. SG says: Reply

      Same. 🙁

  21. jp says: Reply

    thanks a lot 🙂

  22. Diddy says: Reply

    Please HELPPP! So I blindly rooted my phone to Paranoid Android ROM .. I couldn’t find my Google Play App nor any others. So i re-rooted to cyanogenmod 3 but same thing I can’t find my Google Play to re-install anything. I can’t download a file manager app because I just can’t get any apps onto my phone. What the heck do I do, so much regret atm =(

    1. Shivam says: Reply

      You have to flash Google Apps separately through recovery on CyanogenMod (and some other ROMs too) in order to use Google services.

      You can download the Google Apps package for your device from CM wiki —

  23. jenny says: Reply

    stupid question = can I delete the download ##.apk files or are they necessary after installation?

    1. You can.

  24. sin says: Reply

    i have a blur_version 1.32.24 mb501 i cnt seem to upload the google play store app ? plz help

  25. DEEPTEJ says: Reply

    did what exactly they said, i safely installed, till now everything is working smoothly, its a system application, i have avast installed on my phone ,still thanks
    GT I9020
    android 2.3
    hopefully i didnt install ics 4.0.4 ota update in the risk of bricking, google cant i be 100% safe in installing the otas?
    any way thanks and great work….

  26. Sumit says: Reply

    Thanks, It worked on my HCL U1, flawlessly. Sumit

    1. aravind says: Reply

      hi even i am having hcl u1 tab how u made it.. pls kindly give the step pls pls pls pls ………..

  27. Brian says: Reply

    I have a Coby Kyros 7042 and tried download this apk – but it won’t open what can I do?

  28. Brian says: Reply

    Hi can I root Coby 7042 Tablet?

  29. pankaj says: Reply

    Hi I have hcl me u1. I have installed it and creat account also but after open it it forcefully closed…..plz guide me how to work on it

  30. rita says: Reply

    Hi, i have a zte u960s. Just got it yesterday from china. I installed the google app, but when i clicked on the icon , it asked me to add an account, and then when i pressed yes , it closed the message and i was back on my menu page. Any ideas on how to fix this please? desperate.

  31. sultan says: Reply

    hey…im using hcl me tablet x1
    as soon as i open this app it closes…..any help???

  32. Ryan says: Reply

    I just got my first android, a new Samsung Galaxy S3, and when i install google play store it installs fine but when i open it, it immediately closes. Also i cant download apps off of google play site either. The “install” button does nothing. I do get a “you have no devices” warning from google on the side. Help would be appreciated

    1. you have to go ino settngs, down to acconts and sync, then add your gmail accountonce you dd the account the pl storewill rcognize your Samung GalaxyS3 and then download away.

      1. s says: Reply

        its still not working

  33. SweeTMichaeL says: Reply

    did what you said with my Arnova 7f g3. closes immediately

  34. Ashley Foster says: Reply

    I have a samsung galaxy note GT_I9220 from china and it came with a default market that in chinese. When I try to download the apk file for google play it just force closes. Can someone help me in finding out how to get this fixed or to get some kind of market on my phone.

  35. i m using samsung galaxy s3.and play store doesn ‘t work.everytime i open it,it keeps saying ”Authentication is required.You need to sign in your google accout” . what happen??

    1. mridula says: Reply

      you have to reboot /reset your mobile
      Press and hold ‘Volume Up’ + ‘Power’ + ‘Home’
      and then add ur gmail id and continue…..

  36. Sabbir Ahmed says: Reply

    Very Very Nice Post Bro

    1. Kapil says: Reply


  37. deanna childs says: Reply

    I went to file manager and went to unknown sources but I didn’t want to mess up my tablet cause it told me that if I tapped it I would be responsable for any damage

  38. disqus_Y3S4LPFnPT says: Reply

    U Have kindle fire and why every time I opened it close

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