Google Music App from Jelly Bean Android 4.1


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  • elChupaNibre

    I’ve installed this and it is asking for permission to access my Google Play account “to: SJ”.
    What or Who is SJ?

    • Ove Størholt

      Got that one to and decided to stop using the app. Did not grant the extra access and stopped and uninstalled the application. Hopefully it’s gone now…
      Did some googling and found the SJ to be a moderate risk virus that potentially downloads more nasty stuff and also steals identities…
      Hopefully installing it did no harm, but you never know. Feel like changing my passwords now…

  • chris170569

    Just downloaded and tested on my galaxy s3, running Android 4.0.4 firmware xxlfb, Working okay so far.

  • zeus

    Won’t work on my gs2 skyrocket running stock 4.0.4. Says there is a problem installing package because a similar app already exists with a different signature

    • Daniel Tiberius

      Did you clear the data from the previous version of the app before installing?

  • Drazen Filipovic

    works great on galaxy s2 stock 4.0.4