Download Google Home Android 4.4 Launcher APK and new Google Now with ‘Ok Google’ Hotword


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  • Anderson

    on my moto g if i say “open camera” it’s open camera right now,but if i say something else,like open play store [ or netflix ] it says “opening app” but nothing happens

  • Viper Pc

    while installing the package , it is saying that “signature verification failed”!! Though I’ve done the same as you told. Please help!! And installing the apk files.. then it is saying that “there is a problem parsing the package” Please give me any way! Thank You..

    • kingli

      retry download and reinstall

  • Abro

    It’s ok but have problem. Newly installed applications can’t see them on the menu

  • Subramani


    The apk PreBuiltGmsCore.apk is not installing on my nexus 4. I have downloaded all the three apk’s and I am trying to follow your mentioned order, but in vainn! Please help

  • قصي مقيد

    Ok,I have Xperia acro s,and whenever I select the launcher,it crashes,tried what what you mentioned,but it didnt work for me

  • Steven Shearing

    saying ok google does nothing

  • Joshua Sippial

    Still messes up some times

  • Daniel James Petraitis

    lg f3..everything worked but google home (launcher)….kept getting google search has stopped message(even though google search/now is working fine, tried the fix above, no results.

  • Stefan

    COOOOOL!! it work realy nice.. hope it will not eat my battery considering low settings, maybe we get lucky :)

  • Russel

    It does not work for my phone. I installed the 3 apks, and then i click on the new launcher but it says that Google Search stopped. Please help me. Thanks

  • Brent Stires

    The Search works fine for me with both English US and English UK. But hitting the Home button asks me if I want to use Homescreen or Launcher. Picking Launcher causes Google Search to force close. Your listed fix didn’t work.

    Could easily be that I’m on a rooted Razr M.

  • João Karam

    Fix for Google Search Force Close its not working for me. im from brazil, it should work here? thanks

  • roberthenderson

    Thanks much for posting this. I appreciate the work. The “OK Google” isn’t working at all. I mostly love the way everything looks. the exception would be that horrible looking Google search bar that cannot be removed. Having only four rows with which to work makes all of my clock and calendar widgets look horrible sitting underneath that big frosty thing. I’m also use to having a transparent notification bar at the top, and this can now be done with me nova launcher without having a custom use this I would need those things as well as an adjustable grid for the home screen, if that search bar had to be there it would have to be only like one out of eight or nine rows to shrink it down somewhere to where it was in such a sore from sticking out. Removable or transparent would definitely be better.

  • Chris Mcnally

    On the Nexus 4 I installed the zip using recovery. I have the search force close issue and I cannot resolve it using the language instructions. I uninstalled my apex launcher. Press and hold brings up wallpapers, not settings for google now. I have google search on the top of every home screen and I cannot remove it. Any ideas on a fix?

  • JoeBlow

    Problem parsing package?

  • Robsonmeg

    I have a note2 installed all and nothing happens when u say ok Google its like iit’snot listening

  • Rob

    I say ok Google and nothing ha ppens

  • Mai

    after changed the language to English UK, it works, but right after changed the language back to the English US, it breaks again. any suggestion? thanks