Galaxy S3 S Voice Android App


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  • David

    HAHA Nice software! Every post says it doesn’t work! Guess I will avoid this one.

  • Salman

    Doesn’t install on my galaxy sll

  • download upload

    When i bought s3, the voice was the same like on this video. But now it has been changed to a woman`s robot voice! I would like to have woman`s voice the same like we hear on video, but i can`t change it back. I have tried everything on settings button (in s-voice, bottom, left), i have tried Language and input settings (on general settings) but nothing. What to do? How can i restore previous, gentle female voice? Thanks advance!

  • jaymodi69

    “Not installed” error in galaxy note n7000 with official ics 4.0.3
    Please help….

  • zack 123

    Works fine on my DROID razr

  • zryan kawa

    pleas not work in my galaxy s III

  • Moeed Mohd

    Doesn’t work with my galaxy note international ICS 4.0.3…showing not installed

  • Jay J.

    Doesn’t Work on my GSII on T-Mobile USA running ICS Andriod 4.0 :(

  • Arnold

    Not working on the GALAXY TAB P1000

  • Keshav Chugh

    not working on Galaxy note ICS

  • Anthony Perez

    Seems to work rather well on HTC Sensation 4G (TMO). Forecloses sometimes when asking SVoice to run searches on web. A little buggy but can’t complain for a free app. I give it three stars.

  • Richy

    Tried to install the original and the modified files, still won’t install on my S2 running ICS. Any ideas.

    • Mohit Mehta

      Uninstall voice command first using go launcher. Just go to app drawer( menu list in go launcher) keep pressing voice command and when prompted click uninstall. Then install s voice. Hope it will work for you :)

  • Guilherme Machado

    Didnt work on my milestone 2 android 2.3.6

  • Prathamesh Jaiswal

    Dosnt work with my galaxy note official 4.0.3 ics. When i try to ins it then a msg coms file not intalled

  • LilJoe Calbert

    Works perfectly on my E4GT rooted to 4.0.4

  • Kapil

    Everyone here, who are facing network error problem with the S Voice, try the fixed APK from here –

    Note: You got to uninstall your current S Voice, and then install a new S Voice your download from the above url.

  • kuasha

    It’s not working on my HTC Evo 3D. It says, when i click on the app “There is a problem parsing the package.”. can anyone help me on this. thanks

    • Prathamesh Jaiswal

      It is because u dont have ics

  • Andy Turner

    Stopped working,shows – ” network error “

  • Trey

    I have 4.0 on my skyrocket and it still will not install

  • Paco

    Make sure your phone is in Android 4.0 no matter you flashed it or install the 4.0 officially

  • AleTocar

    Doesn’t work on my galaxy s with cm9. appears network error. Anyone knows what might it be?

  • trey

    wont work on skyrocket

  • Dan Shipman

    works on my HTC EVO 3D running ICS. However it cant set alarms… :S Also, if you’re after a little fun, ask it ‘what is the meaning of life’ and ‘what is your name’

    It also knows the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow

  • Pete Watson

    “Application not installed” is all I get when I try.

    • Bryan Spink

      me too :(

      • Keith

        Me three :(

        • Prathamesh Jaiswal

          Me 4 :-(

          • vpsundaravel

            me 5 :(

    • Prathamesh Jaiswal

      Me four

    • Azeem

      Me 2

  • Osaydv

    didnt work on my Galaxy note international version..Parse Error..There is a problem parsing the package

  • Jaime Tayag

    Doesn’t work on the International Note running ICS

  • Nat

    Error de análisis… como puedo solucionarlo, Wildfire S Corriendo 2.3.5 Stock Rom

    • Kapil

      Post updated, try again.

  • Amit Shaw

    Wow Superb. Thanks.

  • Andy Turner

    Works great on the S2

    • ahujascrypt

      is it sill working on s2. i am constantly getting network error

      • Andy Turner

        stopped working now showing network error

        • Prathamesh Jaiswal

          Plz help.i m instling it on my galaxy note official ics 4.0.3 but but a msg comes “not installed”

          • Andy

            Same here “not installed”… any help?