Galaxy S3 Icon Set!


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  • melissa

    hello..i have a new s3 and i was wondering if u new wha the icon on the top left hand corner means ita like a white block with a corner on left side with a black line through it :( .. so u knw what it is plz?

  • hic87

    should we flash it with CWM

    • Kapil

      No! It’c just gets you icons… the image files, can’t be applied to a phone. If you wanna use them, extract the files from the downloaded files and transfer them to phone. Now, if your launcher supports that, hold on any icon on your homescreen and select the option to change its icon and then use the one you transferred before.

      Repeat, DO NOT flash it. Nothing will happen, anyway.

      • hic87

        Ok bro thanks for your replay

        • Kapil