Epic Touch 4G TouchWiz 4 (TW4) for Samsung Galaxy S i9000


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  • Nightwalker

    can i install this Mod over 2.3.6?

  • Winswong

    In the Application screen, has anyone tried the “Share app” function? It seems to crash the launcher everytime.

  • Andrei Pac

    what ar the advantages of this touchwizz?

  • Buocius

    Anyone has tried it succesfully??

  • Saduna

    after flashing in recovery mod, my device went in boot loop. pls any help.

    • Iami Upa

      put the phone in download mode (home + vol dwn + power), then use ODIN and make a re-partition with a different stock rom. Make sure to select all CSC, PDA, and PHONE files.