Epic Touch 4G TouchWiz 4 (TW4) for Samsung Galaxy S i9000

Samsung’s latest Super AMOLED Plus display to make an outing was just yesterday, is and as Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch — yea, it’s a very long name. Epic 4G Touch was launched on Sprint carrier in US yesterday and even though it’s a twin of our own Galaxy S2, the cool thing is that it’s got something new in its launcher — still called TouchWiz 4 (TW4) — and that this new TW4 launcher is available for download and installation on Samsung Galaxy S, too.

So, but you need to be on the latest leaked firmware — XXJVS — rooted, CWM installed and deodexed — to be able to flash the .zip file of Epic 4G Touch’s TW4.

So, here’s what you need to do (skip the step if you’ve already qualify there):

  1. Install XXJVS Android 2.3.5 Firmware.
  2. Root XXJVS (this will also install ClockWorkMod recovery).
  3. Installing deodexed XXJVS:
  1. Download the deodexed XXJVS. Transfer it to phone’s sdcard.
  2. Open CWM app and Tap on ClockWorkMod “Reboot into ClockWorkMod recovery”. On the pop-up screen, select ‘Reboot’. In recovery, use volume keys to navigate and power key to select. Press back key to go back.
  3. Select “install zip from sdcard”. Then, select “choose zip from sdcard” and select the deodexed xxjvs file you downloaded and transferred in step 3.1 above.
  4. After the file gets flashed, reboot phone.
  • Download Epic 4G Touch’s TouchWiz 4 (TW4) .zip file. Now, transfer it to your sd card of your Galaxy S.
  • Open CWM app and reboot into recovery like you did in step 3.2 above.
  • Select “install zip from sdcard”. Then, select “choose zip from sdcard” and select the .zip file you downloaded and transferred in step 3 above.
  • The TW4 will be flashed and installed on your Galaxy S.
  • You did all that for one new feature, btw, that allows you to sort apps alphabetically in grid layout. For that, open App Drawer and then press menu key to find that option.

That’s it.

Thanks to zokawkish at XDA for this! Also, thanks to Faryaab for deodexed xxjvs.

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  1. Saduna says: Reply

    after flashing in recovery mod, my device went in boot loop. pls any help.

    1. Iami Upa says: Reply

      put the phone in download mode (home + vol dwn + power), then use ODIN and make a re-partition with a different stock rom. Make sure to select all CSC, PDA, and PHONE files.

  2. Buocius says: Reply

    Anyone has tried it succesfully??

  3. Andrei Pac says: Reply

    what ar the advantages of this touchwizz?

  4. Winswong says: Reply

    In the Application screen, has anyone tried the “Share app” function? It seems to crash the launcher everytime.

  5. Nightwalker says: Reply

    can i install this Mod over 2.3.6?

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