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CM9 Music Player ICS App


If you’ve been using Android phones for some time now, you are probably running a custom ICS ROM, or if you are luckier than that, probably playing with a Galaxy Nexus.

While Ice Cream Sandwich or ICS is definitely several notches up from the previous iterations of the Android OS, one can’t help but notice the fact that the stock Music player included with the OS is a far cry from what we have come to expect from an app that is probably one of the most used apps on the phone, and in many cases, probably even more than the phone dialer itself.

Its no surprise then that there is a great demand for alternative full-featured music players, some of them being paid apps ( e.g. PowerAmp) in the Android Market. Which is exactly what the latest entrant on the Music player circuit aims to target.

As you already know Cyanogenmod 9 or CM9 is the latest version of the popular AOSP based custom ROM, which is based on Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich. Cyanogenmod ROMs are known for their many customizable options, and the pure, stock  Android interface which is loved by many. Andrew Neal from the CM9 team has released a new Music Player app ( currently called the CM9 Music player). It is light, looks spectacular and has far more customizable options and features than any other music player app out there. And it’s free!!

Have a look at some of the awesome features of CM9 Music Player:

  • Native Shake & Flip actions
  • Quickly play and pause your music by flipping your phone face down, then back up again
  • Widget support
  • Shop the Android Market for the current playing song
  • Share “Now Playing” track with all your social outlets
  • Delete unwanted tracks
  • Search your music from anywhere in the app
  • Rich and custom notifications
  • Drag & Drop queue and playlist
  • Custom lockscreen.
  • Brand new full now playing screen
  • Long press to enter your queue
  • Tap the artwork to animate in and out extra controls and time
  • Gesture support
  • Themes support

and lots more!!

Note: The CM9 music player app is only compatible with phones running Ice Cream Sandwich ( v 4.0.3+). If you are on any other version of Android, this wont work for you. Please check your OS version by going to Settings–>About Phone–> Android Version and make sure it is 4.0.3 or higher.

Download Links

CM9 Music Player

Google Music Theme

Music Theme Template

Pre-Installation Tips

  • Since we would be installing this as a system app, you need a rooted device running Android 4.0.3. You need to download Titanium Backup and backup the default stock Music player app first, so that we can then uninstall it before we install the CM9 Music Player.


Once you have backed up the stock Music app using Titanium Backup( as mentioned above), Uninstall the stock music app using Titanium backup

  1. Reboot your phone
  2. Now connect the phone to your computer via USB cable, and transfer the CM9 Music Player apk file to the root of your phones internal sdcard ( or to any other folder if you wish; just remember where you copied it to )
  3. Disconnect phone from computer. Launch ES File Explorer and enable Root Explorer access in its settings. Once you enable Root explorer access, there will be a superuser pop-up asking you whether you want to allow Root permission, Click “Allow”
  4. There will be another notification telling you to “mount the system as writable”. Make sure that the ” Mount System as writable” box is checked.
  5. Now using ES File explorer, navigate to the file you copied to the sdcard in Step 3 above
  6. Copy it, and paste it to /system/apps
  7. Exit ES File Explorer.
  8. Now when you open the App drawer, you should see the Music Player icon, with the familiar Cyanogenmod hue sitting on your device. Enjoy!!
  9. To install the theme, just download and install the apk from the link above. And apply the theme from within the CM9 Music player.

You can follow this thread HERE or the original development page HERE to check for screenshots, updates and more details. If you like this app, and want to share your comments with us, do feel free to use the comments box below.


  • NLP

    Where or how do you use the music template ??

  • UnwiredDroid

    I tried by executing the apk, the app was installed. No longer need of adding to /system/app. But I don’t know how to intall the theme (zip) file.

  • Arunesh

    Thanks dude works perfectly for me but I just installed to my aokp rom
    I didn’t follow ur instructions but it still works

  • Pupalei

    Does this music player play FLAC files like CM7 did?

  • Madhav

    @Dan.. Hope its working for you now…Its a simple process actually, you are replacing the stock music app in the system app folder with a different one…and so long as you are on an ICS 4.0.3 build, it should work

    • Dan Shipman

      Thanks for the reply, it is kinda working and kinda not… i followed the instructions above, but the app FCs before it’s properly loaded most of the time. works sometimes, but not others… not sure if it’s the new XXLP2 build for the SGS2 or whether it’s the app though… lol

      • Madhav Rao

        @google-55ed3b00deda59b987b354108b892c35:disqus …Have you tried setting the permissions for this app to exactly the same as any other system app? Try This: 1) Navigate to /system/app in ES File explorer 2) Long press on an existing system app & select Properties from the options that pop up 3) Note down the permissions; they would usually be User: rw-  Group: r– Other:  r– 4) Now long press on the CM9 player app that you transferred to the same folder & long press and select Properties 5) Select Change permissions 6) Make sure the following boxes are checked User: Read & Write,  Group: Read ,  Other: Read 6) Save it and exit   7) Now try opening CM9 music player from the app drawer 

  • Dan Shipman

    sadly this music app is not working on galaxy s2 with XXLP2…

    • Jaskaranghr

      I flashed XXLP2 on my SGS2 only for this app. I wasted my time n apps but it doesnt wrk  

      • Dan Shipman

        i found out how to fix. if you do as above and then find the apk in file explorer (not in system, but where you copied) and then install the app as you would a normal app then it works fine.

        • Jayden Goncalves

          That worked! thank you!!! 

  • Dan Shipman

    im probably being a bit of an idiot… but i cant for the life of me find the system folder in es file explorer… o_O lil’ help? lol

    • Dan Shipman

      scratch that, found it. sorry team

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