Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Apps: Google+ (apk v2.0) and Google Music (apk v4.0.1)

You’ve heard tons of stuff about the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android OS, right? Whether this be by way of Galaxy Nexus or the Google Episode. But guess what, you can now actually touch Ice Cream Sandwich, or at least the part of it even before it’s unveiled. We’re talking about two apps, Google+ and Google Music, which have leaked on Internet and are supposedly taken out from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ROM on Galaxy Nexus.

You can download these two using the links below and install the .apk files on your phone by transferring them to your phone and installing by using a file manager to browse to them and then tap to install.

  • Google+ apk v2.0
  • Google Music apk v4.0.1

If you’ve current version of either of these two installed on your phone, uninstall that first and then install the apk you download from above. Also, for Google Music, clear data in Settings > Applications > All > Google Music > Clear Data, so that it works and syncs your music just fine.

Google+ v2.0 has a new thing called Chords, which is Huddle with a new name (and I think Google did the right thing by not choosing ‘Messenger’ name for it!). Plus, Google Music a has new color scheme, dark blue, much SE’s custom UI’s color, and it looks great. (Screenshot below is of Google Music v4.0.1)

Google Music Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

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  1. Bogdan says: Reply

    Aaaawwww yeeeaaaaa. Thanks!

  2. NICE. Thanks for the link:)

  3. pow1 says: Reply

    i have a lenovo A580 touch/smart phone and i want to connect it via usb and use my pc win 7 internet on my phone. its an android phone 4.0. it has tethering and hotspot, also vpn choices in the options menu. how can i connect my phone via usb and use my pc’s internet?

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