Dell Streak 2 in the Making, Clears at WiFi Alliance

Dell Streak

A dell device with a code name of M02M was spotted on the WiFi alliance clearance hinting that the Dell Streak 2 is on its way.

Dell Streak (pictured above), a big device with 5.0 inch screen, was phone to some and tablet to others. It wasn’t a huge success and it was really tiringly confusing between the two points of phone and tablet, but that doesn’t Dell from planning a successor.

We just saw a dell’s hardware piece clear the WiFi certification with a tag name of M02M, just one up from the Dell Streak’s M01M code name. Chances are more than not that the Dell Streak 2 is in the making, but it might not be given the streak tag (obviously!) and Dell may choose to name it as ‘Opus One’ to start afresh.

Spec-wise, we don’t know anything about the Dell’s next smart-phonic adventure, other than the fact that it will support WiFi b/g/n, an improvement from Dell Streak’s WiFi b/g. Know that, there are indeed some rumors of the dual-core processor powering the Dell’s next android device.

It’s still not clear whether the Dell Streak 2 will be a tablet or a phone. But it’s worth to notice that WiFi alliance identifies the M02M as “Mobile Internet Device”. So, is it a smartphone, finally? Not so fast, there is a mention of 7 inch Streak at the Vaja’s website, a case manufacturer.

Well, CES isn’t too far and if Dell has it already planned, the official word isn’t far away.


Source: PocketNow

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