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CyanogenMod 9 for Thinkpad Boots Up. Next To Nothing Working Right Now, Though


If you own a Lenovo Thinkpad, and have been looking at all the exciting Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs that are coming out for other tablets, here’s something that will brighten up your day.

There is a Cyanogenmod 9 or CM9 port based on Ice Cream Sandwich that is in the works for the Thinkpad, thanks to XDA developer Jon2555. It is currently in a pre-alpha stage, and does nothing much successfully, other than booting up, and a working stylus & bluetooth. Other key things such as the Touchscreen, WiFi, Camera and others are not working as of now, but then, we are used to that with pre-alphas, and the good thing is that it has passed the first test of a successful port by booting up. The rest is a matter of time and development, which the developer is putting into it.

The ROM has not been uploaded yet, as you can see, it is certainly not ready yet for daily use. You can visit the original development thread here, to track development progress, check the changelog of versions, and of course, to download it when it’s upped.

If it’s a CM9 build, I for one, would be keen on tracking it, and giving my device a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich. If you own a Thinkpad, are you looking forward to this ROM, or would you rather wait to try the official update whenever it is released? Let us know your thoughts in comments below.

  • David Kowis

    I haven’t looked for root in quite a while, I got the OTA update to ICS, but I’m still totally looking forward to any Cyanogenmod. Shut up, start developing, and take my money :D

  • Jan

    I am absolutely looking forward to this ROM!

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