How to Install CyanogenMod 7 (CM7) on Galaxy S [w/Video]


CM7 Galaxy S

Cyanogen MOD 7 for Samsung Galaxy S

The most coveted of all the custom ROMS, the CyanogenMod ROM, has been available for Galaxy S for sometime.

Only couple of days before, a new version was released and I just tried it out and was completely amazed by the ROM, just like everybody who has ever tried it is.

Update: Installation instruction set updated. Old set removed.

CyanogenMod 7 CM7 Galaxy S

ROM Info:

  1. Official thread at CyanogenMod forums. (Check this page for latest version of the files with working links in case the link(s) given below — step 1.1 to 1.7 — don’t work)
  2. XDA Thread
  3. Based on Android 2.3.4
  4. Galaxy S i9000 CM7 team: Codeworkx, coolya and guiper.

[info]Important: This guide is applicable only for Samsung Galaxy S International version (i9000) only. If yours is Vibrant/Captivate/Fascinate/Epic 4G/i9000M/i9000B/i9003 or any other Galaxy S variant, then this ROM — and the Guide — is not for you, and that’s for definite.[/info]

Warning: Warranty may be void of your device if you follow the procedures given on this page. You only are responsible for your device. We won’t be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.

MAKE SURE YOU CAN ENTER INTO DOWNLOAD MODE (given in Step 3.2 below) before trying this guide, or in fact, any stuff on your phone.

Pre-Installation requirements:

  1. Charge your phone’s battery to at least 50%. 
  2. Disable the lagfix, if any. Go to recovery and select the lagfix option therein and select disable. Check this article for more info.
  3. Remove the external SD Card from your phone and don’t put it back until the whole process is complete. (Why, so that you don’t get confused between the two sd cards.)

Here are the Installation instructions to get the CM7 on Galaxy S

[New Guide, completely re-written]

  1. Download and Install XXJVS Android 2.3.5 firmware.
  2. Root XXJVS. This will also install ClockWorkMod (CWM) recovery, which is needed to flash Cm7 rom. In simple terms, you cannot have CM7 without a custom recovery like CWM.
  3. Download CyanogenMod ROM from here. Prefer latest version over other, although that’s not a requirement. It keeps updating hell lot of time — which is good. At the time of writing, latest CM7 version was “” which I tried on my Galaxy S i9000 successfully.
  4. Transfer the CM7 ROM file you just downloaded to phone’s sd card.
  5. Go to recovery mode. For this, simply open the CWM app (you get it after step 2) and tap on ClockWorkMod to reboot phone into recovery mode. [Other way to reboot in recovery is to switch off phone and then press and hold 3 buttons together: VolumeUP+Home+Power till the Galaxy S logo shows up on screen]
  6. In recovery, use Volume keys to scroll up and down between options and power key to select an option. Now, go to and select “install zip from sd card”.
  7. Then, select “choose zip from sd card”. Browse through sd card and select the file CM7 ROM you downloaded in step 3 and transferred in step 4 above.
  8. This will flash the required files on your phone and will reboot your phone into recovery again. This is a slightly different blue colored recovery now, btw — don’t panic on color change.
  9. Select “install zip from sd card” again. Then, select “choose zip from sd card”. Now, browse through sd card and select the file CM7 ROM (again, yes!) you downloaded in step 3 and transferred in step 4 above.
  10. This time, the CM7 ROM will be flashed actually and after it’s installed, your phone will be back on recovery. Select ‘go back’ and select ‘reboot system now’. When the phone restarts, you’ll have CyanogenMod 7 working coolly on your Galaxy S.
  11. Enjoy the themes!

Some screenshots of CM7 settings screen:

CyanogenMod 7 Settings

CyanogenMod 7 Settings Call Sound Profiles

Hope you have a good ride on CM7, Enjoy!

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  • Pradip

    Will this work with XXJW4?

  • vikum

    i have 2.3.6 xxjvu rooted . can i instrall cm7 to this firmware?

  • Demka

    ty all works good thx alot

  • Felipe_Scolfaro

    Hello guys!

    I’m using a mac, so the only thing I can use for flashing my I900 is Heimdall. Do I need different files for doing so or not?

    I’ve read before that Odin flashes whole packages, whereas with Heimdall, the individual images have to be flashed, so I’m a little confused since almost all tutorials around are based on Windows… Lil’ help? :)

  • Oliver_minton

    can i install newest cm7 stable over stock JVU

  • Aristomenis

    Wonderfull guide. Got my 2.2.1 to 2.3.4 rooted with CWM and then CM7 easily. Then i upgraded to Onecosmics ICS but thats another story. Great work guys appreciated

    • Kapil


  • Yonny Zafrani

    Hi, I really hope you can help since I been looking for a answer everywhere and couldn’t find it…
    After flashing CM7 on my device I get an error when going into the call settings and trying to enable waiting call “Network or SIM card error”. (I attached a screen shot)
    This happens both on the stable and nightly build of CM7
    Any idea how to solve that?


  • Rock Kapak

    i just install cynogenmod 7…but there is no android market in the list….ples help me kapil….

    • Kapil

      You gotta flash gapps now to get Google apps.

      • Rock Kapak

        im using samsung galaxy s….i’ve try to flash this gapps file( but can’t get the android market also …

        • superman

          just use 1mobile market instead of gapps

  • SjiekDeFriemel

    All kudo’s for the contributor of this great topic. Thank you fo writing such a clear installation guide! I’m enjoying every moment with CM7 on my GalaxyS1nNow waiting for a stable CM9. When it’s available I’ll certainly come back to read how to install that Rom!

    • jadenoliver19

      yeah men, they have done a great job. I’m also waiting for that, But hey, might as well try ICS, it’s nice.

      • Kapil

        CM9 is out. Search for cm9 for galaxy s on this site and get it.

  • Pero Susnjar

    Hi!nnnI did the step 8 and my phone keeps rebooting, i get Cyanogenmod logo but it is rebooting over and over again???

  • Micakus

    no market,gmail,cant sync gmail account??????any help kapil!

    • jadenoliver19

      try to install gapps, check the link on CM9 page.

  • Borna707

    omg pls help me! after installing everything after step 7. it rebooted and didn’t ask me anything… now it’s rebooting all the time saying cyanogen and starts doing something and shutsdown and doing it again… and it doesnt end! cant stop it and i cant even turn on my phone! i totaly screw it PLS HELP!!!

    • Kapil

      Don’t worry. Remove battery and put it back in. Go to recovery. Do factory reset and wipe cache. Flash CM7 again. And continue to next step.

      • Borna707

        but i can only go in download mode… cant even turn on my phone

        • Borna707

          ok so i wiped and reset everything like u said and i STILL get the cyanogen screen and some update starts and again it can’t update it yust doing the same thing over and over…

          • Kapil

            Did you flash CM7 again?

          • Borna707
          • Kapil

            What to help for? Follow the steps for Android 4.0. If it reboots, try again as said there. Flash the android 4.0 again, after doing factory reset and wipe cache partition from recovery.

  • Murtaza

    u00a0I’m currently on MIUI v1.12.2 MintBerry Edition and I would like to try out Cyanogenmod 7.1 (and maybe even an ICS rom from TeamHackSung or OneCosmic).nDo I need to go through the process MIUI -> XXJVS -> Root XXJVS -> CM7.1 or can I directly flash CM7.1 over MIUI ??nCan i just go into recovery, wipe data/factory reset, wipe dalvik cache and flash CM7.1 ?

  • Drake24

    omg i think iv screwd my phone!!!!!! HELPnI installd CM7 and then i acidentely installd XWJVH 2.3.3 Rom(stupid ME)nnow my phone wont start correctly its stuck on the black GALAXY S start up screen:( i can get onto clockworkmod recovery tho and i read some wher that i should wipe data/factory reset but nothing happend, so iv probly just made it worse .n ni just want my phone to work again! i had gingerbread 2.3.3 befor this.n nplease help if you cann

    • Tfuj wujek

      And downloadu00a0 mode?

  • Mocmoc74

    Fix the market I’ve done everything and still no luck getting android market on cm7, I’m running with galaxy S GT-i9000T 2.3.5. I am new to all this Rooting and Flashing stuff so please keep it simple for a dumb ass like me please please help me

    • Kapil

      Change the language in options to English US. Go to settings → language and keyboard. This should fix it.

      • Priyesh_1994

        Kapil it keeps on showing Server Error whenever i try to use Android Market wether i connect to internet from wifi or data network….

  • Sa Issilame

    i’am in 2.3.5 JVT can i follow this tuto without put 2.3.5 JVS?? 

    • Kapil

      Yes you can. You need CWM on JVT too, though!

      Btw, Follow the new guide.

      • Sa Issilame

        merci (i try it now)

      • Sa Issilame

        its work but where i can found the fil to put android market (sorry for my english , i’am french)

        • Kapil

          Search for gapps file and flash using cwm.

  • tellos

    I updated my phone to I9000XXJVO 2.3.3, can I follow this tuto without updating to 2.3.5 XXJVS? Sorrry if it’s a stupid question, first time installing a ROM

    • Shivam

      Yeah 2.3.3 would work fine..

  • Rmahajan9

    the installation procedure is little different  as compared to explained above but is more easier and faster. The phone is much faster and crispier, I like it.

    • Kapil

      I’ve updated the guide a while back. Are you talking about the new guide?

  • dol_kejong

    it works……thanks

  • Aswadarifin

    does it work on jvk 2.3.3?

    • Kapil

      Yes. Follow the new guide carefully.

  • RbkPlaY

    does this work on jvt?

    • Kapil


  • Dafg

    why have all the files been moved? can someone please give me a link to where these now are, my phone is screwed. thanks.

  • Wasim_r7

    HEY I can’t find files.
    plz send a sms link on this no. +923007874717

  • Archie Dennis

    theres no please fix ;)

  • Archie Dennis

    theres no please fix ;)

  • Archie Dennis

    theres no please fix ;)

  • Rev173

    i cant enable hsdpa and it ok if i still go ahead with it?

    • Kapil

      Yes, you can go ahead.

  • Wambo Mambo

    help me please i cant enable hspa hsdpa shiwn as 1 and hsupa as 0

    what i should do fast reply please

    • Kapil

      You can still install CM7… it’s okay.

  • Soufiane Bourki

    I have a Problm Anyone to help me please it says   E:no misc partition

  • Ajinkyahivare

    After flashing the device Samsung galaxy s with this rom how do I get back to samsung’s official rom of Android 2.3.3?

  • Ajinkyahivare

    After flashing the device Samsung galaxy s with this rom how do I get back to samsung’s official rom of Android 2.3.3?

    • Kapil

      Install xxjvq android 2.3.4 firmware, you’ll be okay.

  • martin

    after point 7.3 there is no comming back to recovery but phone is restarting automatically. everything looks fine but I can’t handle the touchscreen. only the two symbols near the home button reacts and the power button so the screen turns off, but I can’t turn it on again. now there is no reaction of any button.
    Did I forget something?? please help…

  • G0dsmurf_28 does not completely install for me and my touchscreen does not work afterwards.. why??? =(

    • Ace1988

      I’ve got the same problem.

  • Alexander

    Hello, I couldn’t downlad theese three, it’s links shows as if they does’t available in

    Please, let me to know where are all of them right now.

    And as you wrote there are some updates in may 15th, could you say if you correct some bugs?

    I´ll thank you a lot because I get back my phone to 2.2.1 after run EZROM, so I’m waiting for update it  to Android 2.3.3 with CM7.


  • Bojan Djordjevic

     Important! Make sure you’ve not disabled HSPA. To check this use this code on dialer – *#301279#. A screen with ServiceMode info will show up. Tap on “[1] DISPLAY HSPA INFO”. Both HSDPA and HSUPA should be labeled as 1, meaning HSPA is ON. If it’s dial the above code number again and select the second option to restore the HSPA.

    How do I turn it on?

  • G0MU

     Hi guys..

    I cant find the anywhere!can I replace it with another file or what?please I want this ROM so much :(

  • Ge0th

     who i can replace cm7-galaxys-initial-kernel.tar file and with other plzzz answered my i desperately want CM7! with other plzzz answered my i desperately want CM7!

    • Kapil

      Hey, Post has been updated with the latest files released on 15 May 2011. You’re good to go.

  • Plumtacular

     I cant download the cm7-galaxys-initial-kernel.tar file the link is broken and i cant find it anywhere elsecm7-galaxys-initial-kernel.tar file the link is broken and i cant find it anywhere else

    • Kapil

      Hey, Post has been updated with the latest files released on 15 May 2011. You’re good to go.

  • Anonymous

    Great! I was so eager to try CM for quite sometime now. I had put it off thinking you guys had given up on SGS. Seems like we’ll finally get a robust build after all!

    Read through the instructions and only one line is holding me back presently: “Camera is usable but not neat at all”; I am a bit high on the camera side.

    I do not rate the rest of the negatives as high. Since this post is a couple of weeks old I am just hoping someone fixed this issue already. Please let me know.

    On Darkys ROM at the moment.


  • Zahid

    in CM7…honeybread theme is also missing…camera showing blank screen.. shud i revert back??

  • Zahid

    i have followed each steps correctly but my camera displays blank screen after having upgraded CM7… anyone can help??

  • makuchaku

    Loved the article, specially the walk through!
    Keep it up guys, really nice work :)

  • makuchaku

    Loved the article, specially the concluding walk through.
    Keep it up folks!

  • mandroid

    Thanks for the reply Kapil! Its great to know this for future reference. I did the whole process again from the beginning with going back to Froyo anyway.
    The mod is truly amazing…except for the known bugs. Wont be using this rom until those are fixed since i require the use of the camera and tv out…cant wait for samsung to deploy a final stable release of gingerbread so that you can kick ass further!

    • Kapil

      Samsung has released the stable version of Android 2.3 — XWJVB. Hope CM7 gets stable release soon……!

  • mandroid

    I was following every step perfectly until i realized that i didnt copy the onto to the internal sd card (i copied the cm7-galaxys-initial-kernel.tar file instead since i didnt pay attention to the last part of the file name)

    now im stuck at Step 7! is there any way to get the file onto the internal sd card without starting the whole process again from flashing back to froyo!??

    • Kapil

      Hey, it was 4:35 AM here when you asked this ques. So, obviously, I was asleep. I don’t think you are still stuck there but in case it happens again in future, use the mounts and storage feature in the recovery and then select “mounts usb” at the bottom of it. then, connect your phone to PC, this will open the sd card on your PC just normal and you can transfer files then. After the transfer is completed, disconnect the cable and select ‘unmount udb’ in the recovery and then go back to recovery’s main menu and resume the steps in the guide. That’s it.

  • St.

    In download mode just flash ezbase, than everything over again. I noticed its very important to release the buttons for recovery mode directly when you see the logo. I tried both MIUI and CM7 and sticked with CM7. Going to a custom 2.3.3 soon since I dont really like the battery drain. Most days I make it, but I had two incidents where my phone freezes, reboots and has like 10% left (80% before) 2.3.3 galaxy s official manual is out, so official source shouldnt take long!

  • sandy

    Unfortatly i bricked the phone man…got desperate waiting for an answer, try to do many many things, but i did followed step by step…now im trying to unbrick it from donwload mode, but idk what do do sice i erased everything from my internal sd card….so lost…

    • Mitch

      I’m in the same situation. It got botched halfway through flashing the CM7 ROM and now I can’t boot. I can’t connect it to PC. My backup didn’t work. I can’t find any solutions online. I’m in a rather desperate situation D:

  • sandy

    Hey there first of all thanks for this amazing video, seriously…but apart from that i need ur help really bad.. im stock at part 7 where i already selected the cm7-galaxys-initial-20110410.z­ip from the sd card then i select yes an everthing, but when i go back and reboot my phone all i get is the little logo saying cyanogenmod 7 right under galaxy s… and then it brings me back up to clockwork recovery… cant get out of there…. plz give me a hand here.. ill wait for ur answer

    • Kapil

      Well, that shouldn’t happen. What was your base when you started the installation procedure, that is, at step 1? Froyo is a pre-requisite. And have you tried any Android 2.3 ROM earlier? Anyways, you can repeat the procedures and hope for better luck! If nothing works good, you can safely go back to Android 2.2 using the EZRom — safe and easy!

  • St.

    Do you prefer CM7 or MIUI, I know the differences, which one do you prefer?

    • Kapil

      Um, tough choice, but I think MIUI is more cool. It’s so different but I think, themes on CM7 are the coolest. Depends on my mood, but mostly MIUI.
      Anyway, I keep doing lots of hackish stuff, so, no ROM lives more than a week, so, sometimes I really feel indifferent to which one I’m using but with CM7, phone is quite noticeable thanks to large number of good beautiful themes available. I hope that doesn’t confuse you or anyone, except me!