Cyanogenmod 7 (CM7) for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 (T-989)


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  • zim

    can the bug issues can be treated ? how ? my facebook email : & my g+ email :

    • Kapil

      Check out the official development page linked above. The updated versions must have got the issues already sorted out.

  • zim

    can the bug issues can be treated ? how ? my facebook email :

  • Tripplex3d91

    euu links are dead :(…

  • Adis

    will this SIM unlock my phone ?

  • Muttmane

    How do I remove this rom

    • Kapil

      Install a firmware for your phone on your phone.

  • Kevinburns00

    anyone else have root access errors after install?

  • Dkjfdkjfdkjf

    Works great! Only had one issue with no in-call sound, but restoring back after wiping my cache partition did the trick. Thanks!

    • Suomik1988

      The link to download the rom didn’t work for me. I looked everywhere for it and I keep getting an error. Is there a working link out there somewhere? For some reason I’m the only one it doesn’t work for….. You can email me at

  • Mangalore

    how to unlock this cellphone with buying unlock code ?

  • germania

    You should either keep that download link up to date or delete it, there is a newer version on the XDA forums.

    • Shivam

      Thanks for notifying, I’ve replaced the old download link with link to original post at XDA :)