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CyanogenMod 10 aka CM10 Coming Soon, Will Be Based on Jelly Bean Android 4.1 of Course!


It is official folks, CyanogenMod 10 aka CM10 will be coming soon for all supported Android devices in the near future, based on the latest version on Android – Android 4.1 aka Jelly Bean. According to the CM team, any device that met the criteria (512 MB of RAM) for CM9 based on Ice Cream Sandwich should be getting CM10 as well, helped by the fact that JB is not that major an upgrade compared to what ICS was from Gingerbread.

From what the CM team has been able analyse so far without the actual sources for Jelly Bean, the new changes and features in Jelly Bean should be incorporated pretty quickly in the CM10 build, with refactoring expected to be needed for the Trebuchet launcher, lockscreen enhancements and the inbuilt Theme Engine. The full analysis will only be available once the source code for Jelly Bean is released, but it looks like CM10 will arrive much quicker than CM9, which was given a full rewrite from the ground up and hence took a lot of time. After a final stable release of CM9, the CM team will shift focus to developing only CM7 (for devices capable of only CM7) and CM10.

The manufacturers and carriers are sure to take their sweet time to push out Jelly Bean to their devices, but thanks to CM10, most users will probably not have to wait for the official Android 4.1 updates. Here’s to CM10 making its way to devices quickly and as soon as possible!

  • Robert he

    What about the gs3

  • Lee Debono

    I have full faith in those guys from Cyanogen.

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