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Cyanogen Mod v6.1.1 Released for Nexus One, EVO, G2 and myTouch Slide


cyanogen mod v6.1.1 rom

Most favored custom ROM maker, Cyanogen, just updated its already awesome ROMs from recently released v6.1 to v6.1.1. While version 6.1 of the ROM covered many android phones in its compatibility bands, the new cyanogenmod v6.1.1 is limited to phones given below, with links to official cyanogen forums, where you can download the ROM for your handset as also keep an eye on further development and user discussions and views, you know!

Relevant pages to Download CyanogenMod 6.1.1:

If you’re still with us – that is to mean, not already on the download page by now — here’s a list of improvements (common to all / phone specific) cyanogen mod 6.1.1 will bring to your compatible device:

  • Common: Add rotary lockscreen – Kmobs/cvpcs
  • Common: Updated translations – (everyone)
  • Common: Push update notificatiosn – Chris Soyars
  • Common: Fix camera sounds – CAF/Cyanogen/mtwebster
  • N1/DS/Supersonic: Kernel performance tweaks and fixes (various)
  • N1: Update build fingerprint
  • Vision: Fix MMS over WiFi calling – Zinx
  • Vision: Add console=null to kernel command line – Adam Tygart
  • Vision: Kernel to and some performance tweaks
  • Droid: FRG83D fingerprint, translations, camera, torch fixes

That’s it, let us know how it worked for you with your review of the mod!

Via Phandroid

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