[Custom ROM] GalaxyDroid Android 2.3.6 Rom for Galaxy S i9000


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  • AlphA.D

    What about the Keyboard.?
    It’s still the samsung keyboard.?

  • Andrey Golob

    Where can i download a GalaxyDroid ROM file? The link is not working! tnx

  • Alemanionut

    I have 2 problems with this custom rom on a galaxy s:
    1. I don’t have theme option in the settings menu
    2. I can’t use the tethering option
    Any answers to those problems, please

  • Kaveh

    I am sorry i cant open it server at all if have any other server help me plz

  • jsamson

    can you upload the file to other server? thanks

  • Kaveh

    sorry but i live in iran and the download link is blocked if any other link is have write there thanks 

  • Atif

    I think I’m going back to the last firmware. I miss swype and Samsung apps.

    • Ved

      no swype on this ROM? what else is missing?

      • Atif

        I can’t seem to find the theme tab in settings. As said before, no Samsung Apps. And what I find quite annoying in the webbrowser is that you can’t close a tab if there’s only one left. But this was in the former ROM aswell.

        If these things are added I’ll install it again but for now I’m going back to the last ROM.

        • Ved

          thanks, looks like im gonna stick to the rooted JVU ROM for now… 

  • Ved

    any feedback on how well this ROM works?

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      works pretty well, no bugs that I noticed. And it looks great, as already mentioned :)

      • Ved

        sounds good :D how about the available RAM?