Install Android 4.0 AOSP ROM on Captivate i897 [Ice Cream Sandwich]


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  • Christopher Cossey

    This is simply an AMAZING Android ROM!

  • Michaelhayes54

    when i place the .zip file on my sd card and place in recovery mode the option where it should say install zip from sd card, it instead says something to the affect of install update from sd card.  anyone know what i should do?

    • Kapil

      Looks like you do not have clockworkmod recovery installed. Search for Clockworkmod Recovery for Captivate on Google and install that first and then try this.

  • Pipbriceno

    wow this is so cool, installed flawlessly, so far works great even video.

  • Ansh Singh

    Cant hear anything in the receiver of my Captivate !! Only speaker phone works !! How to fix anyone ?

    • jforward5

      I am having the same problem…How did you fix it?

      • Ansh Singh

        Change the Kernel !!! Should do the trick ! Although try instaliing Team Kangs ICS !! Its better !!

  • Yogesh Lonkar

    can this work on Galaxy pop? can u provide link necessary files

  • Yogesh Lonkar

    can this work on galaxy pop?

    • Kapil

      No, it won’t. I don’t think Galaxy Pop will get ICS ever — that’s sad but it’s true.

  • Gary Hicks

    Must be nice to have REAL developers for your device. Wish this was true for the Droid Charge.

  • Anonymous

    Is the .zip signed?