Collection of Great build.prop Tweaks For Motorola Atrix 2


If you want to tweak your Android device, or fool an app into making itself compatible with your phone by making it believe it is on a different device, tweaking the build.prop file in your phone system is the way to go. Of course, you need to be rooted to be able to access this file, and need to be extremely careful when tinkering with this file.

The build.prop file is the ‘ID card‘ for your Android device. It tells applications what your device specifications are, so that apps can change their interface or function appropriately. Editing the build.prop file is most often used for changing LCD density, build number and your device’s model or manufacturer name. Changing these properties can fool some apps in the market to become compatible with your device. Editing this file has to be done very, very carefully, as mistakes can be costly.

XDA member cogeary has shared a collection of the best build.prop tweaks which are specifically meant for the Atrix 2, and help in enhancing the performance in various ways, right from making the Android Market believe that it is a Nexus S, rendering the UI with GPU, enabling video acceleration, camera and camcorder improvements, improved battery life and a lot more.

You can head over to the official page at XDA to checkout the build.prop tweaks, and either apply them manually using a Root Explorer to edit the build.prop file, or Download this CWM flashable zip  that will simply replacing your existing build.prop file with a new one which includes all the tweaks. We would recommend using the flashable zip, as it is easier and hassle-free.

Of course, before flashing the build.prop tweak zip file, make sure that you perform a full backup in Clockworkmod Recovery, which will enable you to revert to your stable ROM. So go ahead and try this modified build.prop file out, and let us know what kind of improvements your Atrix 2 is experiencing, in comments below.

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