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CM9 for Xperia Arc and Arc S in Development [Screenshots]


Yeah, you read it right folks! CM9 will soon be booting on an Xperia Arc near you. Developers at FreeXperia Project has just posted a few screen-shots of an Xperia Arc running CM9 ─ and it’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

It’s really surprising as we’ve seen so little of developer love for Xperia Arc so far, I mean, just look how many custom roms are made for the Arc yet ─ not much, you can literally count them over a couple of fingers, you know. So yeah it’s great to see that the development for CM9 for Arc and Arc S is going on.

It’d only take a couple of weeks for the CM9 for Arc to be ready for public testing. But it may take much time for it to run really well on your phone. Anyway, testing early builds of new Android versions is fun in its own way.

And BTW Sony Ericsson too has promised us that Ice Cream Sandwich for Xperia Arc and the whole Xperia family devices of 2011 will be released soon. So it’s fun times ahead for Xperia users. Cheers.

  • Anonymous

    Hurray! Go FreeXperia!

  • Will

    For the Xperia models LAUNCHED IN 2001, you mean. Nothing about X8, X10 or X10mini yet….

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