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CM Updater added to CyanogenMod ROMs for OTA Updates, say goodbye to ROM Manager


CyanogenMod (CM) ROMs have always come with the ROM Manager app installed, which allows users to download and upgrade to newer versions of the ROM when needed. But ROM Manager being closed source doesn’t allow the CM devs to take full control, so from now on, every official CM will come with CM Updater to replace ROM Manager.

CM Updater will allow users to backup ROMs, install newer versions of CM, and includes the ability to schedule update checks to periodically poll for updates and download them. Having experience with ROM Manager on multiple devices, I see this as quite a good move as ROM Manager doesn’t always work too well, specially at downloading ROMs (it has a tendency to fail quite a few times while downloading).

The official CyanogenMod ROMs can be downloaded here. With CM Updater built right into the ROM, updating should now be a breeze. Enjoy!

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