ClockworkMod Recovery for Galaxy Nexus


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  • George

    I have same issue with the red triangle on the android guy on it’s back. Is it true that clockworkmod doesn’t work on the galaxy nexus despite the above directions? If so, how can I boot to get an option to install from sd card? Thanks!

    • George

      Nevermind. Found it to work with the Nexus Root Toolkit. Under advanced utilities and flash zips, it will boot a temporary clockworkmod.

  • Lance Hobart Harlan

     My device as a phone a exclamation mark and a pc. Can’t get into download more or recovery. Think I am hosed?

    • Kapil

      Can you access bootloader mode, by pressing and holding both volume buttons and power when switched off?

  •!/bigstoyan bigstoyan

    I have installed Clockwork, and want to wipe data, but the process stops at “formatting /data…

    I tried all the methods to wipe userdata, but the phone is freezeing at this point. I cannot boot to ICS too – the phone stands at boot animation for a while… freezes at some point and I get black screen.

    I think this is some kind of a memory problem? Is it possible?

  • Silgel

    I followed the directions, but when I get the recovery step to start clockworkmod, I get the little android man with the yellow exclamation mark.  Not sure what I am doing wrong.  The rest of the process went just as you describe in the directions.

    • Blane

      I’m having exactly the same issue

      • Steve Burt

        And so am I. Even after removing the recovery-from-boot file I just get the dead Android on its back with red triangle.
        clockworkmod doesn’t seem to work on the Galaxy Nexus

    • Anonymous

      You need to remove the file /system/recovery-from-boot.p, because it will add the default recovery again when you reboot.

      • Chris

        Having the same problem… Can you give a little more info on where/how I can delete the file you are talking about? Thanks!

        • Anonymous

          Do you have rooted your phone yet? If it is so, then download Root Explorer from your favourite alternative Market and then navigate to /system folder. Make sure the folder is mounted r/w checking the upper button. Find there the recovery-from-boot.p and delete it as usual.

          If your phone isn’t rooted, root it (you don’t need CWM installed to do it) and then follow the steps I told you earlier.

          The recovery-from-boot.p contains a copy of the default recovery so in case of Android detects that the default recovery hasn’t the same size, it changes the recovery again flashing that file.

          If you need more help, send me a tweet to @marlex.

          • Amirali44

            Now it says Warning! reovery-from-boot.p cannot be deleted because the file system is read-only. What shall i do?

          • Anonymous

            If you’re using Root explorer, you’ll see a button at the top who says: “mount r/w”. Press it to mount the system so you can write (and delete, of course).