Clockworkmod Recovery is now available for the HTC Sensation XL


For all of you Android users who own the HTC Sensation XL, and have been waiting anxiously for a Custom Recovery image, your wait is over. A developer from a Chinese forum ( Yeah…you read that right!!) called has released a CWM version which is reported to work with the Sensation XL. The same is also posted over at XDA-developers and has been reported to be working ─ except for one small thing ─ it’s completely in Chinese. Well, CWM has become like a second homescreen for all of the flashmaniacs out there in Androidland, and one shouldn’t have any trouble navigating on this version, as the layout is exactly the same as the English version.

Have a look here (You’ll need to register) . I recommend using Google Chrome and translating the webpage to English. Although some of the literal translation can seem overwhelming, it is pretty clear in most respects.

I couldn’t figure out how to download the file, and also the server seems to be down, so if you are able to get the recovery image, do let us know in the comments below.

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