CleanRom for Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi Installs Android 3.2 Honeycomb Void of Bloatware Apps


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  • Nikki Wendland

    Just wondering does anyone have the gapps link that I can download to make this ROM complete?! 
    Everything is perfect the only thing missing is gapps!

    • Luaai

      you could brows Google from your tab and install it separately from main site..

  • Victor Osborne

    works. I purchased sgtab 10.1 32gb wifi and did the ICS update and lost USB connectivity. used the above-mentioned fix to reinstall. Platinum! I will wait to see if S issues ICS update (not holding my breath). Thank you very much.  I could have very well returned the tablet to BB (purchased a year warranty), but I am happy I took time to research a fix.

  • Ed

    Does this include Quickoffice Pro HD that comes stock with the Galaxy Tab 10.1