CleanRom Custom ROM for Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 [Guide]


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  • Matias Rossi

    Hi, I tried this and my tablet wont start!, please help!

    Everything seems to be fine, but after restart nothing happened. I noted that if you plug the tablet to the usb port, it keeps looping the sound as when any usb is connected. Over and Over again.

    It never starts, not even the Samsung logo. The only thing it does is, once plugged in, I can see the battery charge logo, but always empty.

    Please, help!!


  • Dr InsaneO

    There is a System Update for CleanROM, but it won’t install.
    have you tried to install the update for CleanROM yet?

  • Yveline

    I just bought the galaxy 2 and am stuck on the email portion of the recovery information set up page, it will not highlight the next tab. Please help!