ChatONV app spotted on Samsung Galaxy Camera, can make voice calls using the ChatON service

ChatONV App

Samsung seems to be taking its instant messenger service, ChatON, to a level further with a companion app ChatONV that will enable users to make voice calls to other ChatON users.

Spotted on the Samsung Galaxy Camera, the ChatONV app, is supposed to let Samsung’s range of devices including phones, tablets and even cameras to make voice calls.

We’ve also heard rumors of Samsung adding support for video calls to its ChatON service, called ‘Video ChatON’. The service will allow users to make video calls over 3G/4G or WiFi networks to other ChatON users.

ChatON is soon going to be the all-in-one app for communicating with your friends and family and it comes pre-installed on all Samsung devices. However, we doubt if they would actually launch the ‘ChatONV’ app and ‘Video ChatON’ services as separate apps. It’s only in the development phase of these new services that we’re seeing them separately, the all-in-one package should only come as an update to the original ChatON app.

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