[Chart] Screen Area to Body Area Ratio is Highest for Note, Followed by S3


As smartphones become smarter and more powerful every day, the size of their screens keeps increasing as well as manufacturers push out phones with bigger and bigger screens to provide a more joyful user experience in tasks such as browsing or watching videos (while also making one-handed use more difficult), reducing the need to buy full-sized tablets.

A Redditor (a user of Reddit) has released a chart that shows devices with the biggest screen to body area ratio. And to no one’s surprise, the massive Galaxy Note with its 5.3-inch Super AMOLED screen comes out on top here, which means that it has the best screen to body area ratio. It’s followed by the upcoming Galaxy S3, which sports a 4.8-inch screen (again of the Super AMOLED kind). The third spot is taken by the HTC Evo 4G with its 4.3-inch LCD.

Most of the devices on the list are Android devices, with the Nokia Lumia 900 (4.3-inch) and the iPhone 4S (3.5-inch) being the only non-Android ones. I’m guessing a lot of Galaxy Note owners just got even prouder of their phone-cum-tablet device.

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  1. RM says: Reply

    What’s your point? I figured it’s to show, which device has the smallest body around it’s disply. But these numbers are not the right ones to show that.
    Imagine two devices (3 and 5 inch display) both surrounded with a body which is, let’s say, 1mm wider in both dimensions (not to mention that there wouldn’t be enough space for speaker, mic, sensors and so on, but let’s leave that aside for the example). So we’ve got two devices of different size with the same small body around it – but your percentage will show, that the bigger device has a better screen-body-ratio. So it tells us nothing more than that the bigger device is bigger – hurray to that!
    These numbers need to be weighted before they have explanatory power.

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