CF-Root 6.4 — It’s the New Samsung Galaxy S3 Root Package, Includes CWM 5.5, SuperSU and CWM Manager App


Galaxy S3 Root and Clockworkmod Recovery

Chainfire is at his best. Again. While the earlier root for Galaxy S3 – by Chainfire only – was cool enough, it wasn’t that simple and straight forward as it would be now and used to be. It required users to install a kernel first and then do some copy-paste job and adb stuff before running a bat file to install root, let alone flash the Clockworkmod Recovery separately. The new CF-Root 6.0 (updated to 6.4 now) is one very cool all-in-one package for rooting Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 – you just need to flash one file in Odin and you get 3 goods: SuperSU (root access manager), Clockworkmod (CWM) Recovery and CWM Manager app to use CWM recovery from an app itself.

It’s a lot easier now, just like it was on Galaxy S, S2 and Note. Once you’ve flash the CF-Root 6.4 on your Galaxy S3, using the guide below, you’ll have two apps in your app drawer, the SuperSU app and the CWM Manager app. CWM recovery will also get installed, which you can use by booting into it, for which first power off the phone and then press and hold 3 keys together: Volume Up + Home + Power, until you see a Samsung logo. CWM is recovery is what you need mostly to flash a custom roms (like CM9, MIUI, AOKP, etc. when available, of course) or take full rom/firmware backups including apps, settings, data and everything.

So, let’s see the new CF-Root 6.4 installation guide, to Root Galaxy S3 and also install Clockworkmod recovery along with it.


This hack and the guide below are compatible only and only with Galaxy S3, model number i9300. It’s not compatible with other devices. Check your device’s model number in: Settings » About phone.


The methods and procedures discussed here are considered risky and you should not attempt anything if you don’t know completely what it is. If any damage occurs to your device, we won’t be held liable.

How to Install CF-Root 6.4 on Galaxy S3

  1. First, download and install the software Kies on your computer, which will install the necessary drivers for the phone.
    Download Kies
    This is onyl to install drivers on your PC, whihc you can also do by installing the drivers directly — download from here: 32 bit (x86) Windows |   64-bit (x64) Windows
  2. Download the CF-Root 6.4 [Updated]
    Download Link |  Filename:
  3. Extract the file to obtain a file named CF-Root-SGS3-v6.4.tar. It’s important you get a this file with .tar extension. If you get files like recovery.img and cache.img, you’ve knowingly or unknowingly extracted the zip twice, which means the .tar got extracted too. In that scenario, use 7-zip free software to extract the .zip file, this should get you .tar file simple and easy.
  4. Download the Odin PC software. If you are new to this, know that Odin is what is used to flash stuff – firmwares, kernels, etc. – on Samsung phones. We’ll use Odin to flash the .tar file of CF-Root you just obtained step 3 above.
    Download Odin3 v3.04   |  Filename: [It’s all new Odin with refreshed looks, btw. Cool.]
  5. Extract the contents of the file to a folder to get bunch of files: Odin3 v3.04.exe, Odin3.ini, tmax.dll and zlib.dll. Don’t delete any file. If you have not turned on ‘show system files’ option in windows you might not see some files. But you’ll see the Odin3 v3.04.exe anyway, and that’s all we need.
  6. Now, turn off your Galaxy S3, i9300. Wait for some 8-9 seconds.
  7. Then, the Galaxy S3 into download mode. To do so, press and hold these keys together: Volume Down + Home + Power till the screen turns on. Then press Volume Up then to enter download mode.
  8. Run Odin — double-click the Odin3 v3.04.exe file obtained you extracted in step 5 above.
  9. Important! Connect your phone to PC now. You should get the message “Added !!” under Odin’s message box in the bottom left.
    If you don’t get this message, make sure you installed drivers correctly (using Kies or directly) as given in step 1. If it still doesn’t work, try changing to another USB port on the computer and also use the USB ports on the back if you have a desktop PC.
    If you don’t see Added!! message, the rest of guide is of no use to you. So, get it first.
  10. Click on the PDA button in Odin, then browse to and select the CF-Root-SGS3-v6.4.tar file obtained in step 3 above.
  11. Important! Do not make any other changes in Odin except selecting the required files as given in step 10. Leave all other options as they are. And make sure Re-Partition checkbox is not selected.
    You Odin’s screen should look like this one below (this is old screenshot, so it features older version cf-root 6.0, but don’t worry about that):Galaxy S3 Root
  12. Click on Start to start flashing the CF-Root and root your GS3 with just one-click. When the flashing is complete, and is successful, you’ll get a PASS message (with green background) in the left-most box at the very top of the Odin. And the phone will automatically reboot. When you see the Samsung logo, you can safely unplug the cable.
    IMPORTANT Note: If ODIN gets stuck on setup connection or at any stage of this process after you’ve hit the Start button, and doesn’t seem to be doing anything, or if upon completion of the process you get a FAIL message (with red background) in ODIN, do this: disconnect the phone from the PC, close ODIN, remove battery for 4-5 seconds, re-insert it, turn phone on in Download mode again, and do the procedure again from Step 8.
  13. That’s it. You’ve successfully rooted your Galaxy S3 i9300, and have installed clockworkmod recovery too. When the phone boots up, check out the CWM Manager app, and the SuperSU app, the latter will manage root access and permissions on your phone.
  14. If you experience any problems, let us know in comments below. We’ll try our best to help you as quickly as we can. And do share this guide with people you think it will be useful to.

Lastly, let us know of your experience with the CF-Root. Basically, it doesn’t changes stuff. Your phone retains the same looks and all that, it’s only that you get root access to use apps like titanium Backup and a CWM recovery to flash custom roms, kernels, themes, etc. stuff.

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  • renz

    when i xtracted the i could’t get the file
    CF-Root-SGS3-v6.4.tar, instead i get “param.bin,
    recovery.img and cache.img” which one should to choose?

    • Kapil

      ​Extract using 7-zip free software. Your software is even extracting the .tar too.​

  • HaMada San

    i have a problem with something…one message shown…CWM-based recovery v5.5.0.4 cf-v1.5…

    E:can’t mount / cache/recovery/command??



    • HaMada San

      i have a samsung s3 4g

      • Kapil

        Do you mean S3 LTE? What’s the model no., 9305?

  • Abdul

    What is annoying is me is I can’t download the root file i.e., any more from any source. Any Help

  • Jeroen

    I used odin V3.07 . I tryed it 2 times and i keep getting this messages when i open CWM and SU, it basicly says that there is no binary SU installed. Any suggestions?

    • Kapil

      install busy box from play store or update your SuperSU app from the play store.

  • mira

    good explanation , would you please explain how to use CWM recovery after rooting. also my phone is rooted one year ago , do i need to reroot or to unroot than do the root again

  • ferdie

    i rooted my phone to cf-root v6.3 and i successfully unrooted my i9300. the problem is theres always a pop up screen appears in my screen. its very annoying cause it always in front of my screen which indicates pda,modem,csc, calendar date, pls anyone can help me

  • Zanah

    will it work on build number I9300XXEMF1

  • juzzy

    hey great instructions! but i get no pit partition? mines never been rooted or flashed before is there someting im missing?

    • Kapil

      You don’t need pit partition normally. Is Odin giving you that error?

  • walid

    use odin 1.85 is works perfuct .thanks

  • walid

    thanks good job

  • Z

    Just a quick heads up, the Odin download link is dead, and I would recommend downloading the latest version of Odin, it works insanely better with new gen phones i.e. the S3. Good Luck!

  • Ahmad

    Thanks alot, This have worked for my:

    S3 4.1.1

    Model number: GT-I9300

    Build number: JRO03C.I9300XXDLJ1

    So if anyone hesitating, don’t and just follow this great tutorial and you will be on your way to a rooted S3.

  • Agge

    My phone is black… when i start it up i see the samsung logo but it doesn`t start

  • Sorwardi Emon

    Is it work on I9300XXLFB?

  • Aaron Zahn

    Is there a way to do this with SCH-I535 (verizon version)?

  • Andres Velez Isaza

    i rooted my I9300. i get the pass message in odin, but i dont found the icon of the supersu app and cwm. what could happen?

  • Jenny

    Didn’t work for me :/ Did EVERYTHING as followed but it kept saying ‘FAIL’ at the last stage.

  • BABA

    was on “3” network…..Used this method to root, and then to be able to use Voodoo Sim Unlock…but everytime it fails……and the msg appears : “firmware upgrade encountered an issue. please select recovery mone in Kies & try again.”

  • pepe

    Thanks a lot. It worked great. Clear steps, details, and useful links.

  • Con Niko


    Following this guide I get to step 12 and get the green PASS message.
    However my S3 gets an error and doesnt complete

    CWM-based Recovery v5.5.0.4 : : CF-v1.5

    E: Can’t mount /cache/recovery/command
    E: Can’t mount /cache/recovery/log
    E: Can’t open /cache/recovery/log
    E: Can’t mount /cache/recovery/last_log
    E: Can’t open /cache/recovery/last_log
    Error mounting /system!
    Error mounting /cache!

    Can anyone shed some light?

  • jeffo

    it failed for me 4 times in one usb port and then worked a treat when i used another one :)
    GT-I9300 bublg3 4.0.4

  • zhiarw

    no CWM on XXLH1

    • Kapil

      You tried to boot into recovery mode?

  • brll steeel

    is it working with I9300XXLF2?

    • Kapil

      Yes, it will work.

  • Hj Mohd Hanuar

    Working with my 16GB Galaxy S3 version XXBLFB but not working with 32GB Galaxy S3 version BUBLG3.

  • noman arshad

    my s3 disconnected with computer in download mode and odin donot shows added msg how i connect it with copmuter while in download mode????????????

  • Mahdi BML

    Thank you for the useful article. It worked perfectly with Galaxy S 3 I9300XXLFB without even one error.

  • Julian

    working good from the first time! thank you

  • José Eugenio Marte Sánchez

    It’s not working with XXDLI8 official room…I tried different CF-Root versions and nothing…

    • Marc

      Same here, process goes well but never get SU permissions etc.

  • Coney

    now it says “firmware upgrade encountered an issue. please select recovery mone in Kies & try again.” I tried that but Kies could’t detect my phone.

  • Hanuar Ramlee

    Yes, succeed at one way.

  • Lilly Thane

    thanks sir

  • s. wood

    It would be awesome if there were a way of installing the drivers without also installing “funmoods” software.

  • s. wood

    I also was missing CWM Manager and SuperSU after following the instructions and being apparently successful (except that I got no “android is upgrading” screen). I went back and installed the drivers even though I had already installed Kies (which was not running at the time). Then I re-ran the procedure and was successful.

  • deliriak

    hey guys I tried this with the latest samsung firmware and I get a fail because odin says it can’t open a serial com port….anybody else with this msg? it worked ffine for me before oon the old firmware

  • deliriak

    hey guys I tried this with the latest samsung firmware and I get a fail because odin says it can’t open a serial com port….anybody else with this msg? it worked ffine for me before oon the old firmware

    • Kapil

      Reboot PC and phone and then try again. Also, try re-installing the drivers too. Do such stuff and it will work. Trying other USB ports on PC/laptop isn’t a bad idea either. Once it gets the serial com port, it would be okay.

      • BubbleBob

        If that still doesn’t solve it, please make sure KIES is *not* running and trying to connect to your phone. I experienced the same problem, until I closed KIES =’)

  • Enorh Ted

    successfull!!!!!! thanks!!!

  • Sam

    On step 12, it says ”
    When you see the Samsung logo, you can safely unplug the cable.” – Although I got it, this can be confusing as it could mean the first time the word Samsung appears, which could be fatal! Thanks for the guide.

  • André Gomes

    Hi guys. I have a problem, after flashing CFROOt on my gs3 my message stock app doesn’t work anymore. Always FC. Anyone has this problem ?

  • Newbie

    I tried it too but didn’t find any CWM Recovery apk and CFSU apk. I tried to backup my phone by using the one on Vol up+Home+Power Button is okay. Please help

  • Newbie

    I cannot see these 2 apps on my s3 after rooted.
    CWM Manager app, and the SuperSU app. Done some backup to using CWM when boot up by pressing vol up+home+power button. Please help?

  • Reto

    Followed the instructions precisely and everything went fine (its GT-I9300 build number ALF5 and CF-root 6.4). However during boot it never did any kernel updating but just booted normally as unrooted phone. When I go to ODIN boot mode, it says flash count 1 and custom FW uploaded. Any ideas why it doesn’t work?

  • kraftman

    Tried this a few times with no luck. If you’re phone version is ALF2 then you’ll need CFM-6.3, and if it hangs after installing CM, do a factory reset (after backing up)

  • Mr Singh

    success! havent used odin etc for a long while, i usually use heimdall as im a linux user but didnt want to risk it with my new sgs3.

  • federico

    is it necessary the device Samsung Galaxy S3 need to set USB debugging before you connect to PC?and follow the steps/guides above to root the phone.

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      No, USB debugging isn’t required. Download Mode, which the phone is flashed in, has no related to any setting or option, it works no matter what settings you may have on the phone..

  • Blanc Nuage’z

    and is that build number =, ex : btween

    I9300XXALF2 and I9300XXALE8, still can use the cf-root x.x?

  • Blanc Nuage’z

    can i use cf-root 6.3 instead of 6.0?

  • Jewel

    Hi! Do you have to turn on the USB debugging or not?

    • BDbilly

      I would assume yes.

  • Vanna

    After successfully rooting, I can’t see SuperUSer and
    CWM Manager. How to have it?

  • Nathan

    Perfect guide thanks guys!!And chainfire of course.

    I was waiting for simple root method… and here it is!

    I installed the new KIES but had to install the drivers separately for some reason.

    • Nathan

      Apart from that smooth sailing…

      • Nathan

        Lol i said all that. I checked my apps and nothing had changed.
        It ‘took’ this time though!!

        FYI it boots into CWM first on restart for 20 secs and installs the kernal. Then displays ‘android is upgrading’ screen.
        Then finishes booting with root access and new apps.

    • Kapil


  • Craig Law

    Worked like a charm, gunna have a play

    • Kapil

      Chainfire rocks :D