Cellphones Increase Brain Activity. Scientists Clueless Whether it’s Good or Bad!

Recently there has been a plethora of studies by various research institutes all over the World telling us that mobile phones cause a lot of deadly diseases. The latest study on mobiles undertaken by National Institute of Health has shown that radiation from your phone’s antenna increases brain activity. Using positron emission tomography, scans on 47 individuals with a muted phone on each ear, the study found a seven percent increase in brain activity in the area closest to the phone’s antenna when receiving a call. So all you need to do is plaster the cellphone in your ears for 50 minutes and your glucose metabolism (a sign of brain activity) is sure to increase. Now the good news for all ardent mobile users is that scientists don’t know whether this is detrimental or if it could be even be beneficial. Further even though many researchers maintain that mobile is bad for our system the mass research undertaken by WHO was inconclusive. So as of now I am sticking to my cell. What about you?

Via Engadget

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