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  • Download OnePlus 3T Stock Wallpapers


    OnePlus released the OnePlus 3T yesterday, which brings some authentic upgrade form OnePlus 3 in front camera, improved processor and increased battery. We now have the OnePlus 3T wallpapers with us though, provided below for download. The OnePlus 3T wallpapers are pretty fresh and colorful. And if you are a fan of OnePlus’s ‘Never Settle’ […]

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  • DOWNLOAD LG V10 Stock Wallpapers

    lg v10 wallpapers

    Like you, we also have a penchant for stock wallpapers from Android devices. We’ve covered many stock wallpapers earlier, and today we are gonna share with you wallpapers from LG V10, the dual-screen from LG. We’ve got to hand it to LG for the amazing wallpapers they’ve been able to create or choose for the LG V10 […]

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  • Moto G 3rd Gen (2105) Wallpapers

    3rd Gen Moto G Wallpapers

    Update (August 3, 2015): Here they are. All new 9 wallpapers in HD resolution from the Moto G 3rd Gen. Plus, the Google Android Lollipop wallpapers, some 10 of them. The download link below has been updated accordingly. The above image shows Motorola’s own wallpapers, while one below previews Google’s Lollipop wallpapers. Original post: Well, here is a […]

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  • Download Android M Wallpaper

    max frame and edited

    We’re digging into the Android M system dump, looking for new stuff that Google always packs with newer Android releases. The Android M wallpaper that we are seeing on the promo pics is now available to decorate your homescreen. Yes, the pic at the top is the very Android M Wallpaper your device is craving for, […]

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  • Download LG G4 Wallpapers

    LG G4 Wallpapers

    The LG G4 is making headlines for its badass camera and the new leather back which LG says goes through a process with great details. But that’s not all, like every other new flagship device, LG G4 also comes packed in with new stuff like ringtones, refreshed app UI and of course new set of wallpapers. All this inside stuff […]

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  • Download CM12S Wallpapers

    CM12S Wallpapers

    CM12S update for the OnePlus One is finally rolling out, it comes with Android version 5.0.2 and as is the case with major Android version upgrades, we get new wallpapers to play with. And thankfully wallpapers is a universal thing, apply-able on almost any screen regardless of device, OS and size. The new CM12S update comes with a number of […]