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  • Here’s an App to Automatically adjust Brightness on LG G watch and Samsung Gear Live

    It was lame that both LG and Samsung didn’t put an ambient light sensor on their Wear watches to auto-adjust the brightness levels on the watch, a device that’s always going to be on the wrist of users. But, thanks to developer Daniel Velazco for developing an app that cleverly adjusts brightness level on your Wear watch using your location, time and the Google […]

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  • Musixmatch and True Caller updated with Android Wear support

    musiXmatch, a third party music player has been updated with many new features along with compatibility for Android Wear devices. The changes include Music and Lyrics casting to Television using Chromecast, User Interface overhaul with fast and new animations and Floating Lyrics. In case you don’t know about musiXmatch, it is one of the best looking feature packed […]

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  • Android Wear apps, the first ones!

    As Google announced the Android Wear and two of the devices are up for pre-order, it’s now time for the Android  Wear apps to kick in. We have seen what Wear can do natively. Now we’ll see the what the first set of third party Android Wear apps have on offer, that are now available for […]

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  • Test Drive the Android Wear Launcher on your non-wearable Android Device [Download APK]

    Google recently announced Android Wear, a customized version of Android built specifically for wearable devices. And with that Google also released the developer preview SDK of Android Wear for developers to test and integrate the capabilities of Android Wear into their existing apps. → Check out the official Android Wear video Android Wear devices are slated […]