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  • Best Android Apps for Chromebook

    best Chromebook android apps

    Now that Chromebooks can (finally!) install and use Android Apps from Google Play Store, it’s time we looked at the best Android apps you should be installing right away on your Chrome OS device. Right now, not all apps are compatible with Chromebook, speaking of which, right now, only one Chromebook can access the Play […]

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  • How to use Lollipop battery Saver in place of OEM’s (Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc.) own battery saver

    Android Lollipop Battery Saver

    Little tricks do amazing things. A trick can even enable the default Android Lollipop battery saver on your Samsung device that’s running Android 5.0+ version. Or any other OEM device (LG, Sony, HTC, etc.) for that matter, but the device must be running 5.0+ build. Google ships the Lollipop code with its own battery saver, but […]

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  • Download 15+ Sony Xperia Z5 Apps [Launcher, Phone, Camera, Calendar, Photo Editor, Small Apps, etc.]

    Sony Xperia Z5 Apps

    [Update: September 21, 2015] Xperia Z5 apps are also available for non-Sony devices. We just gave Z5’s launcher app a run on our Android 5.1.1 running galaxy S6 Edge, and it worked flawlessly. Maybe Android 5.1.1 is a requirement, but you can surely try the apps given under ‘Type 2’. Download and install the APK, […]