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  • Best Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Cases

    So, finally the S6 and the S6 edge are here bringing with them a whole bevy of brand new features along with better looks. While the S6 is good, the S6 edge is great and has us lost along its curves and edges. The S6 phones not only look sophisticated but also feel so while one look at the […]

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  • Here are the first two of Series 5 Android Collectibles

    Sk8 Cop Android Collectible

    Folks over at Droid Zebra are finally putting the Series 5 Android Collectibles to showcase. The new series will have designs from Andrew Bell, Gary Ham, Scott Tolleson, Kong Andri, and some new ones Devilrobots, Reactor-88, Jon Paul Kaiser and Lunabee. In this first preview of the new series, we’re getting to see a cute, sad Panda and a cop with […]

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  • Best Nexus 4 Accessories Roundup

    The Nexus 4 smartphone now finally out into the open, or almost out rather, given the way Google Play seems to be running out of stocks every second day. The release of every great phone is almost always followed up with a plethora of accessories built specifically for that device. In fact, with the Nexus […]

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  • Cool Cases and Covers for Motorola Droid 4

    Motorola Droid 4 Cases

    Being the owner of a smart-phone on the top of the food-chain has its own perks, but not just that, it’s also another ‘case’ if you want to protect it from nudges and scratches. And this is where the custom cases and covers come into the picture.. This time around we will be covering another […]

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  • Best Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Cases and Covers

    Nowadays, smartphones are becoming more and more sturdy and resistant to normal wear and tear. But can you ever imagine being on the losing side after your shiny Samsung Galaxy S2’s encounter with a sudden fall? Not just that, sometimes, it might happen that you start getting bored with the looks of your phone just […]