Canada Galaxy S3 Release Date Postponed to June 27!

Canada Galaxy S3

And guess why? As per Samsung, because of the unprecedented demand – even after the company already knew some 9 million Galaxy S3 sets were already on (dealer) pre-order. But that unprecedented demand could have actually to do with launch in US, which happens right before the Canada’s, and with all 5 major US carriers selling the Galaxy S3 which has already impressed many many people undoubtedly, it could be some gentle foul play on Samsung’s part to delay the Canada’s S3 to provide ample devices for US launch.

The earlier release date of Galaxy S3 in Canada was June 20, which has now been pushed back by 7 definite days, to June 27 – and although it isn’t very far, but you know the nerds, those already drooling over the thought of buying the Galaxy S3 in Canada on release date itself will be seriously disappointed from this news, let alone the daily frustration. And Galaxy S3 isn’t a sort of phone that would launch with one or just a couple of carriers, it’s launching on TELUS, Bell, Rogers, SaskTel,Virgin Mobile, and more in Canada, so demand is totally obviously going to be huge, or unprecedented, as Sammy likes to call it.

And btw, just so that you don’t develop any sort of hostility with US friends over this, know that the 1.5Ghz dual-core S4 processor used in the US and Canada Galaxy S3 is in short supply too – and this is a better reason than one just carelessly thrown above. And after all, the Verizon Galaxy S3 has been postponed too, even though just by a day!

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