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Camera mod for Galaxy S3 brings slow motion and fast motion effects


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  • migesss

    After many many hours of looking all over the damn internet, and 2 or 3 OS crashes and full backup restores this is the only solution i found that worked for me (Im using GT-i9300 on I9300XXUGMK7 (4.3))

    Heres how I did it,hope it helps:

    1.- Flashed the zip file with the first method described here. This actually didnt work, the camera app wouldnt open.

    2.- So I followed the second procedure: deleted the SamsungCamera.odex and rebooted. This didnt work either, the app kept crashing at startup (wouldnt even start).

    3.- Finally I Unzipped the file “SGN2 Gallery + Camera.zip”, went to system>app folder and copied “SamsungCamera.apk” directly onto the phone.

    4.- And used root explorer (Root browser actually), to copy this file into the same folder where I first deleted the odex file. I hit YESSSS, when asked if I wanted do overwrite the file

    and thats it, rebooted again and now I have the slow motion and time lapse functionality

  • PH

    This does not work with 4.3 on SGS3. I just tried it.

  • Sameer Khojla

    I had Flash this mod on Android 4.1.2 and its works awesome but now i have to upgrade with Android 4.3 so can i still flash this mod on 4.3 ?

    • Brock Squires

      I would like to know also

      • migesss

        yes it does

  • Sameer Khojla

    May i Flash this rom on Android 4.3

  • Sameer Khojla

    May i Flash this Mod in I9300 Omega v51 I9300XXUGMJ9 ?

  • rt

    Brilliant mod. Really good instructions.

  • F***ThisShit

    Because of this freaking mod, I had to factory reset my phone and find for solutions on the web for 4 hours.

    • totalidiot

      You clearly didnt do the backup, you fully deserved that

  • http://www.facebook.com/marifecanuzo.antes Jay N Marife Antes

    this is awesome…thank you, you made my S3 ROCK…….