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Build 34 of AOKP ROM Released!


It seems the developers working on AOKP ROM don’t sleep much, as they keep fixing things and adding new features and keep releasing new builds of AOKP quite regularly, specially in the last few weeks. Build 34 of the Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 based AOKP ROM is now out for all supported devices, just about 5 days after build 33, and brings a host of fixes along with it, as always.

Here’s a look at the changes in AOKP Build 34:

  • fixed mobile data toggle not updating for serious
  • fix navigation buttons for tablets
  • long press home options added to General Interface for phones that have hardware buttons
  • fix icon transparency being applied to right-side buttons (BT, etc)
  • updated NovaLauncher to 1.1.1
  • Add BT MAP Profile
  • fix font sizing in statusbar
  • fixed volume sliders not updating when volumes are linked
  • many fixes for ColorPicker in ROM Control
    • gradient showing properly
    • color picker should fit in all screens now
    • show color preview before opening dialog (in-line)
  • fixed sound playing when volume zoom is enabled in camera
  • AVRCP crash fixed
  • contact pictures now displaying properly in notifications when receiving new sms

Build 34 has been released for all officially supported devices and can be downloaded from the official AOKP website. Don’t forget to download the gapps package (which can be found at the end of the AOKP download page) as well to install Google apps like Gmail, Play Store, Talk etc., after flashing AOKP. Let us know how build 34 works on your device, in the comments below.

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