Black Market Android App: A Must Have App For Rooted Android Phones

Black Market (ROOT ONLY) Android App

Black Market Android App

If you’ve a rooted android phone or you’re planning to root your phone. Then the ‘Black Market (ROOT ONLY)’ android app is very much recommended for you, as it lists the best apps that require root access.

A fine list of apps (that require root access) is one thing most android users look for once they root their android devices. And so far the only way I knew to get such list was to either Google it or do a keyword search for “ROOT” in the android market, which kind of worked but not very precisely.

So here we go for ‘Black Market (ROOT ONLY)’ android app. It’s a dedicated app which only list apps that require root access — have a look at its cool features (below):

  • Hot apps listing (Root Only)
  • Sharing of apps on Facebook & Twitter
  • Staff picked list of apps
  • Profiles with real time updates

Categorization, Search & filtering options will be available in the soon to be released ‘PRO edition’ of the app.

Scan the QR Code below with a barcode scanner app to download Black Market android app.

Scan the QR Code to Download Black Market (ROOT ONLY) Android App

Android Market Link for phone.

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17 Comment

  1. Zach says: Reply

    this app is no longer on the android market

    1. Razerka says: Reply

      haha, this app was never on offical android market.
      “Buy this app, and never paid for another one”

  2. Thames555 says: Reply

     i just scanned the qr code and it didnt work..

  3. Crazydude48 says: Reply

    the ojnly way to get this app is by going into 4shared on your phone search blackmarket.apk NO SPACES and then download it from there

  4. Crazydude48 says: Reply

    the ojnly way to get this app is by going into 4shared on your phone search blackmarket.apk NO SPACES and then download it from there

  5. TTB says: Reply

    It wants to have access to my useraccounts… don’t see why it should. Installation aborted!

  6. Ketam_api says: Reply

    so it means : this app ONLY works on a ROOTED phone?
    does ROOTED phone = JAILBREAKED phone???

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Yes, almost.

    2. No, it doesn’t, being root means that you are the linux administrator of the phone. For security purpose isn’t a default option, but google aproves it(if you’re a developer you can even buy a factory rooted developer phone), so it’s totally different.

    3. Cocoman135 says: Reply

      long way straight and simple YES and Google endorses for devs! voids warranty!(usually, depends on warranty) the app isnt endorsed as it causes google to lose money by u not buying apps from them (the legit source) but insted for free (this is like installous for android)

    4. Snaps250 says: Reply

      You jailbreak an iPhone, and you root an android phone.

  7. wong digi says: Reply

    i want it download link pls…TQ!!!

    1. Rufus David92 says: Reply

      hii go to there u can get paid apps 4 free and this apps 2

  8. BF3 SMG says: Reply

    Longer on Android market/google play

  9. raviraj1829 says: Reply

    hi i have an android device it is LG P500 I want to update it to 4.0 but now it is running with 2.3.3 so how can i get this 4.0 update and wer do i can get it plz can get it or not

    1. Badboylee1418 says: Reply

      unroot it.

  10. Bunk says: Reply

    It doesn’t have to be rooted

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