Best Video Players for Android

Best Video Players for Android

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  • 1.1) MX Player
  • 2.2) mVideo Player
  • 3.3) BS Player
  • 4.4) MoboPlayer
  • 5.5) VPlayer

From a smartphone to an all-round media hub — that’s what Android devices have become these days. Whether it be gaming or your professional needs, you always have your device to bank on. And media consumption is definitely the most utilised aspect of modern day Android devices. Today the Play store has many choices for users and finding the best app for as simple a task as video playing may confuse them. So to save your time and effort we’ve created this list of best Video players for Android. Enjoy!

1) MX Player


MX Player for android is one of the most complete apps out there for handling any kind of video that you throw at it. The player effortlessly plays videos of almost any format with zero lag or stutter on most devices that it is optimised for. The MX Player is among the first full fledged video player on Android that has Multi-core decoding which, the developers claim, boosts performance by upto 70%. The developers have also worked on optimizing it for specific chipset configurations and hence have made plugins available for various ARM CPUs. It  provides a lot many features and personal preferences for the user to tweak and even supports most common subtitle formats along with support for pinch zooming. It is available for free on the Play Store.

→ Play Store link

2) mVideo Player


Now this is one player which is all about beauty ‘n simplicity. The mVideo player is not what you expect from a third-party player but its downright and straightforward replacement for your stock player. This player only supports the videos which your device can play already and there are no options for plug-ins,etc. Although that can be a deal breaker, the UI is the usp of the app as it has been made only to improve upon the simplicity element and present you with a good stock-player alternative. It has full built-in download support for subtitles and it automatically downloads picture art for the videos/movies. Certain tweaks like overriding the system brightness and then minor tweaks for personalizing the playlists also enhance the usability of the app. mVideo Player doesn’t cost a single penny on the Play store.

→ Play Store link

3) BS Player


BS Player comes among the most recommended hardware-accelerated video players in the Play store. The player is presented in a consumer-friendly folder interface with the independence of creating playlists whenever one wants. The hardware and software decoders can also be pre-specified to work for specific videos. The player also has wide support for various codecs and the hardware acceleration also helps in efficiently managing your device’s battery power. But main USP of the player is its ability to play media directly from your LAN-shared folders — whether they be on your PC or any other storage device. BSPlayer for Android comes free on the Play store. While the paid version has no ads.

→ Play Store link

4) MoboPlayer


MoboPlayer is one of the most popular video players on the platform and is also one of the most feature rich offerings. With support for multi-audio streams, subtitles and a clean interface, this is among the recommended apps for your device regardless of its processing prowess. The landscape UI shows the videos in a cool cover-flow interface and the player itself has convenient swiping controls. You can quite conveniently control the aspect ratio of your videos too and the video library hands you the convenience of setting the default directories before-hand. MoboPlayer supports most common video formats and is available for free on the Play Store.

→ Play Store link

5) VPlayer


VPlayer for Android has been seeing constant and fast paced developments and is on the verge of giving other apps a great threat with its hardware accelerated video playback. Its one of the best options for accessing videos on the cloud — whether it be on youtube/vimeo/dropbox or even on your social networks including facebook. Vplayer supports WiFi sharing along with support for UPnP and DLNA protocols. It is available as a 7-day trial on the playstore with the option to buy an unlocker later.

→ Play Store link

So there goes our list of the best Android video players. We have tried to cover all bases here and the best options available.  But do remember that the usage of an app totally depends on personal tastes and convenience. We hope that after reading this post, you won’t fret the next time your stock player is unable to play a video that you loved so much on your pc. So go grab some popcorn now and enjoy your videos!

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  1. Mirage Beta is also very good. MX Player while popular really sucks. Rockplayer and QQ and so many others out there too, but almost all of them suck. I agree that BS Player, and vPlayer are good. You left out Mirage Beta. With BS Player, get the paid version for additional features (200% volume, no ads, etc.).

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