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Taking photos and pictures on phones has become a common occurrence in the past few years, so it’s only natural that people also edit their photos right on their phones, wherever they might be, either to make them better or to just play around with the photos and images. The Android Market (aka Google Play as they now call it) is full of photo editing apps, some great, some nice, and some not worth mentioning. This roundup covers a few of the photo editing apps available for Android that we think are good and worth trying out. So continue reading to find out about them.

BeFunky Photo Editor

Available online for quite a while before coming to Android, BeFunky features more than 20 different effects (50 in Pro version) that can be applied to your photos and pictures. Each effect contains a thumbnail of the image with the specific effect applied, at the bottom of the page, so you can find out how an image would look with each effect without actually having to apply it before getting the preview. Photo frames can also be applied, along with basic editing features such as crop and rotate, changing brightness settings and more. Saving the photos and sharing them is possible through any sharing app installed on your phone.

[button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download BeFunky Photo Editor[/button][button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]BeFunky Photo Editor Pro $3.99[/button]

FX Photo Editor

FX Photo Editor has a total of 110 different effects that you can apply to your photos and images, with 10 preset themes available. The opacity in every effect can be changed in real-time, and multiple effects can be combined and applied to a single image. Your favorite effects can be added to the Favorites list for easier access. The Time Matrix feature allows you to express a particular time’s atmosphere in a photo by selecting the year and then applying corresponding effects. Other features include texturing, vignetting, professional tools like histogram, B&W curve, and lots more.

[button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download FX Photo Editor Free[/button][button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]FX Photo Editor $3.99[/button]


Pixlr-o-matic, developed by famous CAD design company Autodesk Inc. is one of the easiest to use, with a lot of different effects available in the app, along with additional ones that can be downloaded from an inbuilt store. The Randomizer feature lets you apply random effects to your photos and images with a single click. Lighting effects let you add drama, spark, grunge, burn, scratches and other looks to the images, along with color overlays that let you adjust the mood of the images. Images can be saved in the original resolution then shared through any sharing app installed on your phone like Facebook, email, etc.

[button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Pixlr-o-matic[/button]

PicsArt – Photo Studio

PicsArt comes with PicsIn network support, through which you can view and download photos and images uploaded by users of the PicsIn network. Along with a lot of effects and filters like Stenciler, Cartoonizer, Sketcher that can be applied to the images, PicsArt contains quite a few other useful features. The Draw feature lets you draw things using the touchscreen, either on blank images or on existing saved images, while the Collage function gives you the option to make collages of different images. Sharing of images is possible both through apps installed on your phone, as well as uploading to the PicsIn network.

[button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download PicsArt – Photo Studio[/button]

PicSay – Photo Editor

PicSay Photo Editor is an award-winning photo editor app that lets you edit your photos and images with a plethora of effects and filters like Vignette, faux HDR, Tilt-shift, Pencil Sketch. Color adjustments, editing options like cropping and resizing, fixing red-eye and lots more are available. You can add different stickers to the images, like word balloons with editable text, titles, hairstyles, shapes, and lot of others available online through the app. Edited pictures can be set as wallpaper or shared through any sharing app on your phone.

[button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download PicSay Photo Editor[/button][button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]PicSay Pro Photo Editor $3.99[/button]

Lightbox Photos

Lightbox Photos lets you apply effects to your photos and images and share them on Facebook, Twitter, and the network, which you can register on to share your photos as well as view photos uploaded by other Lightbox users. Geotagging photos, setting their privacy and simultaneously posting to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr and Flickr is possible. You can use other installed camera apps such as PicsArt to take photos and then edit them within Lightbox. Saved images can be posted on your personal photo blog on

[button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Lightbox Photos[/button] Lab Lab features around 450 different effects available for applying to your photos and images, with all the effects divided into different categories. Photo montages can be created with automatic face detection, letting you change the faces in images in different ways. Animated cartoon effects and photo filters like Neon Glow, Fire, HDR, etc. can be applied. Collages can also be made by adding different images to a single image. Text can be added to images and then saved as contact icons or wallpapers, and also shared through sharing apps like Facebook and Twitter.

[button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Lab[/button][button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””] Lab PRO $2.99[/button]

PhotoFancie Lite

PhotoFancie Lite lets you add multiple images to a single image, then lets you edit each image in a single screen. Different properties of each image can be changed, like the layout, orientation, zoom levels, backgrounds and more. Using the Free style, you can move the images around in position, along with letting you edit them, while the Grid style puts all selected images on the screen in equal proportions. Saved images can be shared on social networks and other sharing apps on the phone.

[button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download PhotoFancie Lite[/button]

Super Photo

Super Photo is unique in the way that it lets you apply different effects to different parts of a single photo or image. By letting you paint an area of the image using the touchscreen, Super Photo applies the effect of your choice to the painted area of the image, as well as applying an effect to the remaining part of the image. Effects can be applied to the whole image at once as well. A total of 663 effects from different categories such as frames, colors, 3D can be selected and combined together. Saved images can be shared through any available sharing app on the phone.

[button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Super Photo[/button][button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]Super Photo Full $2.99[/button]

photo editor

photo editor, developed by Sony Digital Network Applications, Inc., gives you more than 40 high quality effects like sepia, oil painting, mosaic to apply to your photos and images, along with frames, stickers, etc. Common editing commands such as delete, undo, or redo appear on the screen for faster access. The size-change function lets you change the size of the image to your liking, up to a maximum of 1280×720. Unfortunately, photo editor is currently only compatible with a few phones, a list of which can be obtained here.

[button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download photo editor[/button]

Photo Wonder

Photo Wonder lets you apply some cool effects, filters and frames to your photos. Functions such as enlarging eyes, better skin, ant-acne let you edit portrait photos of people’s faces to beautify them. Cropping, sharpening and other editing features are included, along with the ability to create collage images of up to 9 images at once. The Review option lets you review all previously edited photos with a single click. Saved photos and images can be shared on social networks by logging on to them right from the app itself, and through other sharing apps on the phone.

[button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Photo Wonder[/button]

Photo Grid

Photo Grid, as the name suggests, lets you make a collage of different photos and images in a single image by dividing the images into grids, with each grid editable individually. The layout of the images in the collage can be changed by a shake of the phone. Grids can be automatic or can be made manually by moving and placing the images around the screen. The High and Wide layout options let you make put your photos either in a list or row arrangement. Of course, single images can be edited as well, along with the possibility to share edited photos.

[button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Photo Grid[/button]


Paintle gives you over 250+ effects to play around with, in addition to stickers and backgrounds. All the possible tools are shown on the screen at all times, so it’s fast and easy to access different options without going through too many menus. One of its important features is that it gives you the option to rotate your photos and images freely, instead of the usual 90° steps found in other image editing apps. Saving, sharing and setting saved images as wallpaper is possible after you’re done playing with the images.

[button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Paintle[/button][button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]Paintle Full $2.99[/button]

Aviary Photo Editor (Plugin)

Aviary is a photo editing plugin that needs to be run by selecting the share option on images in any other image app, then selecting Aviary to be able edit them with it. Features like manual and preset crop options, whitening and applying blemishes on images, along with the general slew of editing options like brightness, saturation, rotation are included. The number of effects included are too less though and hence puts the app at the bottom of the list.

[button link=”” icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Aviary Photo Editor Plugin[/button]

And here we come to the end of our roundup of photo editing apps on the Android Market aka Google Play. Those are some of the apps that we think are some of the best available, but of course, there are quite a few more out there. If there’s an app that you think we missed and deserves mention, let us know in the comments below. Good hunting, er, photo editing!

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  1. Snaptastic and PicPlz are quite good at image editing too.

  2. Navin says: Reply

    Awesome list , among this great list i like Lightbox Photos. i have also written about <a href="; Free Android Photo Sharing and Editing Apps That Currently Available in Google Play hope you will like to see. thanks

  3. stoefln says: Reply

    CutoutCam allows you to create collages out of your photos while shooting:

  4. hendroid says: Reply

    not even close to filterstrom, artstudio, photoforge2. lame.

  5. Nice collection of best android apps for photo editing. Thanx 🙂


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    check out another post featuring top 5 photography apps for android,

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    Nevermind. PhotoShop touch released after this was posted.

  8. t db says: Reply

    Try this one: easyFocus- DSLR camera like Focused and Unfocused area creation, producing lens focus effects, tilt shifting miniature tricks etc. is too easy with this app.

  9. fimu says: Reply

    I used to have an Android app where you have bokeh hearts, sparks and stars as stamps/stickers instead of filter (they were already included in the app for free). You even could change the size and color of the shape. However, I accidentally deleted it because I had too little memory space and now I cannot find it bacl anymore :(. I guess the app had a pinkish interface.
    Does anybody know which app I mean?

  10. srijan says: Reply

    i mostly use instaglass app to edit my photos…it works wonderfully

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