Best Android Clock Widgets


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    looks damn good, Google Play

  • Guest

    Google Play looks damn good.


    I recommended Clock Widgets from SIXDOTSEVEN. On Google Play Homepage

  • Dorka

    logiClock at slideme??!!

  • Jachym Kokesh Lukes

    How about Awesome Android Clock widget? I love analog clocks!

  • mandyjane2

    my favorite is ‘Ticking Clock’….. they can real ticking

  • Maximum Achievement
  • Eric Halim

    I love Glowing neon clock widget

  • Me

    What about Fancy Widget

  • Chiraag G

    What of Advanced Clock Widget – the only one which displays Network time, Memory Info, Battery Status, Weather, Time and Date in one. Though I used that and AIX Weather Widget together, I use One More Clock right now which is pretty slick also.

  • Gopalakrishnan

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  • solomonsright

    One More Clock!

  • Mac

    Beautifull Widgets??? 

  • Mec

    You missed Ultimate Custom Clock (UCCW).

  • Mifo

    where is ultimate clock widget? 

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