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Best Clock Widgets Android

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Widgets are an important and useful part of the Android experience, giving you access to useful information right on your homescreen. Clock widgets are one of the commonly used widgets on Android, that show you the time as well as other information such as the weather conditions right on your homescreen. And, most widgets let you customize the look so that your homescreen also looks cool along with providing information that you need.

Compiled in this roundup is a list of some of the best clock widgets available on Google’s Play Store (formerly Android Market). From basic widgets to advanced ones that let you customize every aspect of the widget, there’s one for everyone. There are a lot of clock widgets available for Android, so this isn’t a be-all, end-all list, but just a compilation of some of the nicer ones.

So, read on to find out about some of the best Android clock widgets.

Make Your Clock

As the name of the app suggest, Make Your Clock lets you design your own clock, letting you customize parameters like shape, colour, size, position; as well as offering different designs, templates and layouts, which you can customize to your heart’s desire. Along with the time, battery and weather information can also be displayed.

SiMi Clock

SiMi Clock’s power lies in its simplicity and well-presented time information, along with the option to add weather and battery information as well. You can customize settings such as size and colour of the text, the time and date formats, widget background; or open custom apps by clicking on the clock, battery or weather icons. Minimalism is where SiMi Clock widget shines through.

Glass Widgets

Glass Widgets contains widgets for time, as well as for weather, calendar and RSS feeds (either preset or manually subscribed ones). They look great, and provide quite a lot of information on the screen, with a transparent glass background that lets you see your wallpaper despite having such a big widget on the screen. Get this one if you’re looking for a widget that shows useful information on your homescreen.

There’s also a separate version of Glass Widgets for Android 4.0 ICS running devices only, which makes good use of the new capabilities like resizing and scrolling widgets in the new ICS launcher, you download it here.

Sense Analog Clock

Sense Analog Clock puts a Sense UI inspired clock widget on the homescreen. The colours for the hour and minute can be customized, along with the option to open apps by clicking on the hours or minutes. Weather, battery, alarm and battery temperature info can be displayed on the widget, along with the option to download additional skins for the widget to change its look.

ClockQ – Digital Clock

ClockQ – Digital Clock sets itself apart by providing a lot of customization options like 25 different fonts, different colours for different parts of the widget, scaling and rotation options, opacity settings, ability to open custom apps by clicking on the widget, ability to show weather and date information on the widget, and more.

Pesoguin Clock

Pesoguin puts a cute little character (popular in Japan) on the homescreen that tells you the time. But that’s not all. Clicking on the widget opens up a page where you can play some really simple games like rock, paper, scissors, or present gifts to the Pesoguin, and earn pesos in the process. It’s a little unnecessary doing all that, but it’s fun all the same.

Digital Clock Disc

Digital Clock Disc is a simple disc shaped clock widget that looks really cool partly due to the fact that it’s designed keeping the Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 Holo UI in mind. Around 5 different preloaded colour themes allow you to customize the look of the widget. Being stylish and sleek is what sets Digital Clock Disc apart. Download the Beautiful Battery Disc and Brightness Level Disc apps to complement Digital Clock Disc with battery and brightness level indication widgets.

MIUI Spiral RED Analog Clock

MIUI Spiral Analog Clock widget is inspired by the clock widget found in MIUI custom ROMs. The hours and minutes are indicated by spiral circles, with the actual time indicated by the position of the lights inside the circles. In short, the widget looks very nice on the homescreen. You can also download the blue, orange, and green versions of the widget.

Alive Numbers

Alive Numbers is not a widget, but a live wallpaper that shows animated time information on the homescreen, fused with minimalistic text that show the battery and current date information. The time info fades in and out as the hours and minutes change. If you’re looking for a useful and cool looking live wallpaper, Alive Numbers is it.

Bonus Apps

Below is a list of some other nice clock widgets available on Play Store, so be sure to try them out as well.

That brings us to the end of the roundup. If you’re looking for a clock widget to put on your homescreen, the ones listed above are some that you should definitely try. There are many other clock widgets available on the Play Store, so if there’s a widget that you think is good but is not on the list, let us know in the comments section below.

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    where is ultimate clock widget? 

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    You missed Ultimate Custom Clock (UCCW).

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    Beautifull Widgets??? 

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    One More Clock!

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  6. Chiraag G says: Reply

    What of Advanced Clock Widget – the only one which displays Network time, Memory Info, Battery Status, Weather, Time and Date in one. Though I used that and AIX Weather Widget together, I use One More Clock right now which is pretty slick also.

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    What about Fancy Widget

  8. I love Glowing neon clock widget

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    my favorite is ‘Ticking Clock’….. they can real ticking

  10. How about Awesome Android Clock widget? I love analog clocks!

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    I recommended Clock Widgets from SIXDOTSEVEN. On Google Play Homepage

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    Google Play looks damn good.

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