Best Android Browsers Round Up


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  • Damien Golding

    I tried out Firefox and was not impressed at all. Not sure if it has been updated, but the version I used was very average. I have heard a lot of good things about UC browser, so I will check it out. My company phone comes with Sleipnir and I have no problems with it. Sleipnir is very easy to use.

    • D.Smithee

      Were you using a lower end phone? I’m using an Optimus Elite with Virgin, and Firefox doesn’t run all that smoothly on it. It’s obviously designed for higher end handsets. I’m surprised your company phone came with Sleipnir. Interesting.

      • Damien Golding

        I was using Samsung Galaxy, one of the earlier versions.
        Yeh, I am usually happy with Firefox, although I haven’t used it on my desktop computer for a while, but it didn’t seem like there was anything decent on the Android version. It may have changed recently, hopefully it does, it’s nice to have some choice.
        Yeh, also came with a lot of other browsers. I’ll have to give Chrome another go, as I like to have everything in sync.

        • D.Smithee

          That’s why I use Google Chrome on my desktop–so when I get an Android 4.0 phone, I can easily sync my browsers.

          • Damien Golding

            Yeh you’re right there, thanks.
            I don’t actually have an Android device at the moment, but am looking to get a Google phone, but according to the shops here, they don’t exist in Japan…. : /

            Yeh well, I will get it from somewhere.

          • D.Smithee

            Ah, THAT’s why Sleipnir came on your work phone–very popular in Japan.

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  • Zoltan Szol

    Chrome Beta???