6 Best Android Apps to Backup and Restore your Data


Best Android backup Apps

On any mobile phone, you need to backup your data and that too, regularly. Well, your favorite android phone is no exception to this ultra-true rule. So, today, we have got 6 Top Free No-Root-Required backup applications for you, right here. Without wasting much time lets just go straight into applications.

Note: There are other (than what we’ve discussed below) great backup apps like Titanium Backup (link to Android Market), myBackup, etc. but we’ve just picked up only those which don’t require Root access and that they are not just trial apps too. BTW, we’ll cover such apps shortly in our upcoming article on Best Backup Android Apps for Rooted phones — paid and free. For now, if you’re looking to back up yous apps with app’s data too, Titanium backup is the best choice, provided you’ve rooted you phone.

Backup Everything Backup Master

Backup Everything 3 Backup Everything 2 Backup Everything 1

Backup Everything isn’t available in the Android market now, but the good news is this that another app called Backup Master is available which is very similar to the Backup Everything (in fact, I don’t know where’s the difference!).

This one is surely the king of backup applications listed here. Backup Master will not only backup and restore SMS and call logs, but also MMS, system settings, applications (all apps in one file package) and even alarms. It’s very cool and is very simple to use. It stores the backup files in your External Storage Directory: SD Card -> BackupEverything — so, in case you plan to format your sd card or want to have backup on PC or sth, simply copy this folder to another location after you’ve done a backup using this app (BTW, even though the app’s name has changed, it still stores data in the folder called ‘BackupEverything‘ that is, not ‘BackupMaster’ or sth. What makes this app stand apart is that it also gives you an option to schedule backups (daily, weekly or monthly).

Download Backup Master

Mobile Backup II

Mobile Backup II 3 Mobile Backup II 2 Mobile Backup II 1

Contacts, Calendar, SMS and Call Logs, Mobile backup II can backup them all on your phone’s SD Card and restore them without any fuss. Using this app you can backup and restore your data very easily. It supports Android 1.5 to 2.3 platforms.

Download Mobile Backup II

APN Backup & Restore

APN Backup & Restore 2 APN Backup & Restore 1

This app will help you to restore APNs in a jiffy. It’s very much important to back your APN settings, since it’s what that manage your Internet connection. So, if you’re installing a new ROM, make sure that you’ve taken backup of your APN settings. This cool apps supports all Android versions.

Download APN Backup & Restore

SMS Backup and Restore

SMS Backup & Restore 3 SMS Backup & Restore 2 SMS Backup & Restore 1

This one is only for SMS backup and restore. This app also gives you the option of selecting the conversations you need to save and hence no need to unnecessarily create backup of all the  SMS. This app creates backup in XML format on the SD card which can also be converted to other formats of your liking.

Download SMS Backup and Restore

Backup to Gmail

Backup to Gmail 2 Backup to Gmail 1

Backup to Gmail will help you to back up SMS, MMS and Call log to Gmail labels automatically and you can also restore SMS and Call log to any other Android device. Just don’t forget to enable IMAP in Gmail and set the correct time zone. Download this app and you can search messages in your Gmail without worrying about losing them.

Download Backup to Gmail

SMS Backup +

SMS Backup   2 SMS Backup   1

This app is what we call a very unobtrusive app because it has no ads and no noticeable resource and simply does what it has to. SMS Backup automatically creates backup for SMS, MMS and call log entries using a separate label in Gmail /Google Calendar and you can also restore the same, except MMS which is not supported yet. A word of caution for DROID X/2 users though, it might not create backup of your incoming messages.

Download SMS Backup +

UiA- Backup Contacts

UiA - Backup Contacts 2 UiA - Backup Contacts 1

This app creates backup for your contacts but does not restores them. Here is how to go about it:

• Export contacts to the SD-Card
• Look at the CSV file in a text editor
• Upload the CSV file to dropbox
• Send the CSV file as email attachment
• Gmail or Outlook column headers
• Setup a custom CSV file

Download UiA- Backup Contacts

Of course, there are other great backup apps like Titanium Backup, myBackup, etc. but we’re just selecting only those apps which don’t require Root access and that they are not just trial apps too. BTW, we’ll cover such apps shortly in our upcoming article on Best Backup Android Apps for Rooted phones — paid and free.

So, let us know which one(s) is your favorite and why. Sound off in comments.

If you like this article do share it with your friends and family members. Plus, also check out how Android Apps can help you in Kitchen, or Garden, for that matter.

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43 Responses

  1. If you are on a rooted device … Titanium Backup … Once app to rule them all

    • Jaap says:

      And what if you got a phone or tablet that is difficult to root?
      You cannot back up your original FW if you want to flash it with a different one.
      It seems to be a joke but it it is reality I am afraid.

      • iJames says:

        You and every other Android owner have the same problem…  Awesome huh?

        • PostPartyNausea says:

          James, why don’t you go over to the apple fanboy forum and let the serious developers do the thinking…

          Just keep tapping at that orange/pineapple/watermellon or whatever little toy you think is the dope shit and don’t bore the rest of us.

          • Junkmail says:

            THANK YOU for telling iJames off.  I was in process of doing that myself after reading his 5th rant about Android.  My fav is how he says its “windows for your phone”.  What an idiot….a….ever heard of Linux iJames?  BTW iJames – enjoy your DRM content while we play anything we like on any device we like….and utilize OpenSource 😉

          • Ryan McDermott says:

            Seriously, the only way you can compare android to windows is the fact that they are both not quite as simplistic as an iPhone or Mac. But if you have any imagination and want to truly customize your iPhone or Mac….. good luck its not happening.

          • Jeff Dickey says:

            Yes, the technology is Linux… but the mentality is pure Redmond. Again, thanks to the carriers.

            It DOES NOT MATTER what the underlying system is, if hostile third parties (like carriers) can prevent the system from being properly functional in its as-received configuration. And that, unfortunately, is the reality of Android.

  2. Charles says:

    Is this a joke or is Android just a major pain to backup? From your list the best app to backup everything is gone. And from reading sites they all suggest rooting your phone–you shouldn’t have to do that to backup and restore. Did Google completely blow this or what?

    Shouldn’t I just be able to hook it up to a PC and zip everything then just over-write if I need to restore? Shouldn’t this be like Linux?

    There has to be an easy way to backup & restore everything on an Android device without rooting it, isn’t there?

    • iJames says:

      Android gets a FAIL.  Yep…  How backup and restore is a third party app that fails is a complete joke.  It’s the industry that shouldn’t exist….  You don’t have a zillion stupid blog pages and forum questions and applications and software developers on fretting over backup in the Apple world…  Because they thought of it.  This Samsung Epic shall be my first and last Android device.

      • Ryan McDermott says:

        Android is meant to be MODULAR. Add in functionality as needed with the use of apps. If an app takes off then maybe something gets implemented later into a newer version. It’s a work in progress and will be the ultimate success of android. iPhones are useless in my company but androids are actually usable, because they can be highly customized and tailored to our scenario.

        • Jeff Dickey says:

          The problem with that is the carriers. Unless you root your Android phone, it’s locked down and unlikely to be upgraded. Poster child #617,928: my HTC Explorer running Gingerbread, that will never ever run anything else. If I want to run more than (literally) two third-party applications, I need to root the phone to get all the Vodaphone crapola off; I’ve got a 16 GB SD card, but most apps can’t be installed to it.

          If you have any of these problems with an “iPhone”, then you don’t have an iPhone. As much as I see the point of people complaining about Apple’s walled garden, it’s made Apple the most valuable company in the history of the planet, because it does one thing very well that Android simply doesn’t.

          It works as expected in its normal configuration.

  3. Cwglindn says:

    I think it is called Backup Master now, but backup everything is available outside of the marketplace.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Backup Everything link does not work?

  5. Kapil says:

    Use this app — backup master — from the android market. Link –

    • iJames says:

      Do NOT use Backup Master.  Get an iPhone if you actually want to have backups.  Android is Windows for your phone.

      • Ryan McDermott says:

        The problem is… iPhones suck.

        Windows/android = customizable, more options, more confusing to the average user. Mac/iPhone = less customizable, less options, more for simplistic minds.

        I’m in IT so I like customization and more options over simplicity.

  6. Alejandro says:

    Well, yesterday I had Froyo stock on my SGS.  I installed Backup Everything and made a backup of everything to internal SD (no external SD on my SGS yet).  Then I flashed official Gingerbread 2.3.4 XXJVP with no problems.  Then I reinstalled Backup Everything and tried a restore … apparently it did the restore with no problems, but at the end it shuts the phone down.  After restarting, everything remains unchanged, no apps restored, no contacts restored, no nothing.  Version installed in both cases is 1.4.

  7. Alejandro says:

    Well, yesterday I had Froyo stock on my SGS.  I installed Backup Everything and made a backup of everything to internal SD (no external SD on my SGS yet).  Then I flashed official Gingerbread 2.3.4 XXJVP with no problems.  Then I reinstalled Backup Everything and tried a restore … apparently it did the restore with no problems, but at the end it shuts the phone down.  After restarting, everything remains unchanged, no apps restored, no contacts restored, no nothing.  Version installed in both cases is 1.4.

  8. I recently bought an Samsung Galaxy S2 and wish to transfer all my old settings/messages from my previous Samsung Galaxy S. Which do you think is the best app to use? Will it be easy as saving it all on the SD card and then popping it in to my SGS2?

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  10. malder says:

    I wish I had read this first…
    Just upgraded from 2.2.1 to 2.3.5 and relied on “the king” – Backup Master.
    Backed up ok, Got reasonable looking archives and saved them to the PC.
    Tried to restore and nothing – just crashes the phone. Useless.

  11. Moguyaro says:

    Honestly I will prefer an OS that allows me to do a lot of customizations. I will like to know what the code looks like and audit it to make sure that whilst i’m enjoying the software,

    They are not getting any unauthorized benefits from my usage. Not everything is as it seems.

  12. HTCuser says:

    Why is everyone freaking out here? The only things you need to back up
    are SMS/MMS, and a great app for doing that would be “SMS Backup and
    Restore” (Link to Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.riteshsahu.SMSBackupRestore&hl=en )

    Other than that, almost everything else is backed up to your Gmail(in a
    sense). Before you format/upgrade your sytem all you need to do is set
    synchronization on, and then the moment you put your Gmail into the new
    system(and connect to the internet) it will start restoring everything.

  13. thank you so much !! in 2 minutes my OS is 4.0.3 eheheh.. :p i wont sleep anymore for tinight 3:04am

  14. Awais Naseem says:

    An excellent article for data backup and restore, I want to share my views as well for Android backup and restore. I have use Backup Caretaker app for backup of SMS, MMS, Call logs, bookmarks and many other things. It is totally free and its new version even don’t ask to sign up 🙂 You must try it https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.histone.backup

  15. tracy says:

    i did back up before i started update the android version…. but after all, everything is back EXCEPT all the apps and games i downloaded before, they all gone …why?

  16. THANT says:

    Ohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so many backup software …i don’t know which one i should be choice…anyway THANK SOSOSOSO MUCH…

  17. droiduser55 says:

    I suggest “AppsToMosaic”, simple and fast if you want to collect your installed apps reference

  18. Divya Darshini says:

    Nice post. The blog is missing the most popular Android Backup Application – truBackup (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfl.tbp ) which is a comprehensive and intuitive Backup solution that allows you to backup all of your content on your preferred cloud storage provider like Dropbox.

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