BBM on Android? One More Shot Leaks Out!

BBM Android Leak

BlackBerry Messenger, that instant messaging app that allows messaging between BlackBerry users, might soon see Android users joining the elite club. A screenshot, apparently showing BBM running on an Android phone, has leaked again. There have been rumors and images leaked before regarding BBM on Android, but there has never actually been any official confirmation that RIM is working on it, with RIM even having said that there are no plans for it. But who knows, maybe they had a change of heart, seeing the rough spot RIM’s being going through lately.

Now, there are already quite a few cross-platform messaging apps available for Android, so what BlackBerry Messenger on Android will be good for, only time will tell and that too if it really does come to Android, which is something that isn’t confirmed in any way, except for the leaked images. RIM isn’t exactly averse to bringing their apps to Android, with the BlackBerry Mobile Fusion client available for Android (and also for iOS). Though whether they’ll bring something as exclusive as the BlackBerry Messenger to Android (and other OS) remains to be seen.

So, what do you think? Would you be excited to see BlackBerry Messenger on Android, or do you think it doesn’t really matter anymore? Do let us know in the comments.

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  1. Not a chance, this is obz someone created a small app themselves. Cannot see BBM on android at any time

  2. We dont care we have KIK is doing well..

  3. erhefe says: Reply

    Who cares. We don’t need it. Whatsapp is doing great.

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