Battery Doctor Android App: The Easiest Way to Increase Battery Life of your Phone

Battery Doctor Android App

Android App to Increae Battery Life

Battery Doctor android app offers one-stop solution to manage services and apps that affect your phone’s battery life. Keeping these tuned would result in improvement in battery life.

Does the battery life of your phone bothers you too much? Or you’re just fed up with the numerous tricks and tips you need to use to get a good battery life? Well, life’s a lot easier if you download and install a free app from the android market, called the Battery Doctor. It’s your one step solution for the improved battery life — maximum, if you set it the best way.

Please note that while killing apps for a longer battery life seems a good idea, it’s not ‘called for’ from android 2.1 and higher versions; in fact it works against the OS as a whole. That’s what I’ve heard and thus I wouldn’t recommend using task killers if your phone has got android 2.1 or higher version.

A quick view of the features would surely help, let’s check them out:

  • Shows you remaining battery life in terms of: Talk Time, Audio, Video, Web Surfing and Idle Time. You can specify real world usage battery ratio and the app will display the remaining times for each of the above parameters accordingly. Pretty neat!
  • It will also indicate battery health, temperature and alert notification when battery is fully charged to prevent overheating.
  • One screen to manage all of your phone’s battery-hungry services; like, WiFi, Bluetooth, screen brightness, sound level (all types), auto-sync, GPS, etc. This screen is very similar to Quick Settings android app – one of my favorite apps.
  • Task killer to manage running apps; kill all or selected ones. For android 2.2, option to kill services is also there. Yup, you can select which apps to ignore.

The Battery Doctor is a good app to manage your phone’s battery. I still won’t suggest killing apps/services using this app’s task manager or any other task manager if you’re running android 2.1 or later. But if you want all the stuff that affects battery at one place, Battery Doctor is who should consult.

Download the Battery Doctor android app for FREE from the market using the link below:

(Scan the QR Code below using the Barcode Scanner Application on your phone)

Download Battery Doctor

Download Link for Phone

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