Baldur’s Gate for Android has its first Official Trailer out!


The original Baldur’s Gate had a major following when it was released way back, over a decade ago, and it is all set to make a strong comeback in the form of Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is a lot more than just a standard remake of the original. Featuring all of the content that went into the original game by BioWare, the new release contains an all new campaign, multiple new non-player characters who can join forces with the player, and a host of improvements including a zoom function and reworked inventory.

Earlier today, Beamdog released a brand new trailer for the Enhanced Edition game, which showcases some of the new action and characters that the Enhanced Edition will bring you. Check it out below.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced edition is coming to Android soon. The official website shows a TBA (To Be Announced) status, and we’re hoping it is out well in time before Christmas.

Via DroidGamers

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