Back To Stock/Downgrade Verizon LG G2 to Android 4.2.2 Jellybean

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Name Stock  firmware
Android Version Android 4.2.2 Jellybean
Is this official? Yes
Credits WACOMalt, LG


Warranty may be void of your device if you follow the procedures given on this page.

You only are responsible for your device. We won’t be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.


Before you begin with guide instructions below, make sure your android device is adequately charged — at least 50% battery of the device.


To make sure your device is eligible with this, you must first confirm its model no. in ‘About device’ option under Settings.Another way to confirm model no. is by looking for it on the packaging box of your device. It must be VS980!

Please know that this page is meant only for Verizon LG G2. Please DO NOT try the procedures given here on any other device of LG or any other company. You have been Warned!


Back up important data and stuff before you start playing around here as there are chances you might lose your apps and app-data (app settings, game progress, etc.), and in rare case, files on the internal memory, too.

For help on Backup and Restore, check out our exclusive page on that linked right below.




Download the files given below and transfer it to a separate folder on your PC and remember the location.


DOWNLOAD LINK | File name: (2.29 GB)

For latest version of the ROM files, check the original page →


DOWNLOAD LINK | MIRROR | File name: LGVS980_20130902_LGFLASHv151.dll (1.35 MB)


DOWNLOAD LINK | MIRROR | File name: (3.08 KB)


DOWNLOAD LINK | File name: Setup_LGFlashTool_1.8.1.1023.exe (9.29 MB)


DOWNLOAD LINK | MIRROR | File name: LG VZW_United_WHQL_v2.11.1.exe (7.75 MB)


Please be aware that this guide is only meant for Verizon LG G2. Kindly confirm your compatibility with the guide and proceed further. By flashing the stock firmware, all your data on your Phone and SD card will wiped. Better do a backup of all the files on your SD card too.

  1. Double click the driver file, LG VZW_United_WHQL_v2.11.1.exe to install the driver software on your PC.
  2. Double click the LG Flash tool, Setup_LGFlashTool_1.8.1.1023.exe to install it. Don’t run/open the flash tool until mentioned in the guide.
  3. Extract the Flash tool dll file, to C:LGLGFlashTool  to overwrite the Megalock.dll file.
    └  If you get a logon screen in the LG Flash Tool, you probably made a mistake in this step.
  4. Extract/Unzip the firmware file of your choice on your computer (using 7-zip free software, preferably) to get the TOT file, VS98011A_01.tot which is required for flashing the stock rom.
  1. Boot your LG G2 into Download Mode:
    • Power off your phone first and wait for 6-7 seconds after display is off.
    • Press Volume Up while plugging the device to the PC using an USB cable.
      └  If this doesn’t boot you into download mode, try holding both  the Volume keys instead.
  2. Let the phone initialize and install the drivers. Once done, open Device manager on your PC, you should see the LG phone listed under COM ports section.
  3. Find that LG entry in Device Manager, Right click on it and select Properties, now click on Port Settings tab and select the advanced button.
  4. Now change the COM port number to COM41 and close/save the dialog box
  5. Now unplug the device from the PC. (It is important to unplug your device at this step)
  1. Open the LG flash tool, ignore any warnings if you encounter. Select Manual mode to flash the firmware.
  2. Now to flash the firmware on your device, select the dll file, LGVS980_20130902_LGFLASHv151.dll and TOT file, VS98011A_01.tot that you have downloaded earlier for your device in the LG flash tool Model Config dialog box when it prompts.
  3. Click on the yellow arrow on the top left corner of the LG flash tools to initialize the flashing process. Once initialized it should show you Ready/Finished.
  4. Put the phone in download mode again, and plug it into the USB port. LG FLash Tools should start flashing it automatically.
  5. When it’s done, it’ll automatically reboot into your stock rom and all of your data and internal SD card files are formatted.
    └  It restarts around 83%, so don’t panic that it didn’t flashed right.

That’s all, you are now on official jellybean firmware on your LG G2.  If you need help regarding this, feel free to ask us in comments below.


It was a bit tedious to install the stock firmware but finally did it, right? Let us know how it is to your liking in comments below.

Your suggestions and queries, if any, are most welcomed!

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  1. April says:

    You saved my phone!!!!! Thank you!!!! I will pass this on.

  2. Rockdocta says:

    Thank you so much – this tutorial worked yet again!

  3. Ryan says:

    excellent thankss

  4. niraj says:

    can i downgrade from 4.4.2 stock?

  5. Thelof says:

    Did the update and now display shows just black and white bars, beware

    1. Akbar says:

      how does this happens

  6. Zachary Taylor says:

    firmware update wont go past 0

  7. Andy C says:

    Thank you. It worked great! Just a minor caveat- this ROM requires a Verizon sim card after you’re done. I couldn’t find a way to skip around it. I borrowed a friend’s sim and after a 5 second dealio, pulled it out and never needed it again. Oh yea, during the Windows driver installation phase one of the devices had a red X but I rebooted with the phone still connected and found no errors in the WIndows Device Manager and the software ran great. Thank you for helping me out! I had to get off Android 4.4 since it has a bug preventing FoxFi/PDANet from working properly.

  8. Ariel says:

    INSERTER SIM CARD VERIZON. i no have this sim card. what do now

  9. Rocio Solano says:

    Excelente me sirvió mucho.

  10. Alex says:

    U r the best, u save me cuz this really works… And order to solve the verizon sim activation follow this step:

    1. Make sure you are the screen where you choose the language.
    2. Press and release these buttons one by one in exact order. Volume up (release) then volume down (release) then back then menu then home.
    3. There should be two pop windows warning about leaving setup. Go ahead and click yes for both and confirm.
    4. Voila! You just bypass the verizon setup screen!

    Esto realmente funciona, para saltarse la activación de verizon sigan estos pasos:

    1. Asegurarse que esta en la pantalla donde pide escoger el idioma.
    2. Presionar y soltar una x una las siguientes teclas: primero volumen + (soltar) , segundo volumen – (soltar) y por ultimo tecla retroceso (esta a la par de home)…
    3. Automáticamente te dirá si quieres abortar la activación o seguir… Le das en dejar y sigues los siguientes pasos…
    4. Listo… ya puedes utilizar nuevamente tu LG G2 Verizon…

  11. Henry says:

    03/Oct/2016: Work for me, Thank you so much.

  12. Daniel Marlford says:

    After updating my screen only displays white and black and sometimes coloured lines. Pls help.

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