[Mod] Enable Webtop on TV using HDMI cable on Atrix 2 — LapDock not required

Motorola created a new Android-based environment with a new feature called WebTop, which would let you use your Motorola phone (only latest dual-core devices like Atrix, Atrix 2, Bionic, etc.) like a laptop when connected to supporting accessory. You can use a mouse and a keyboard to click around WebTop as if it were a normal computer.

Webtop mode is typically entered through connecting the phone to a webtop enabled accessory…or what is called the Lapdock. Once you do that, you can then watch webtop instantly launch a full version Firefox® browser on any full-size monitor or HD TV.

This Mod we’re discussing here is a tweak which would allow you to use Atrix 2 handset — only Atrix 2, that is — as usual in lapdock mode with an HDTV screen using an HDMI cable, but without the need for a lapdock accessory – -thhus saving you money on costly accessory. Browse the web on a huge 60-inch screen, make a call, scan your folders or edit docs – all at the same time!

This is only for those of you who are using an Atrix 2, and have been wanting to use the Webtop capabilities of your device, without having to shell out additional cash for an expensive lapdock. Btw, Motorola Atrix 4G users can get the same hacks for their device over here, made by same developer, Fenny, an XDA’er.

How this works?

Motorola has tied webdock feature to its proprietary accessories, which are managed by these two apps: PortalApp and DockService. What Fenny did was to remove the device ID string from the first app while enabling the webtop option in the second one, which allows the Atrix 2 to launch webtop using any other accessories connected.

Thus, saving you money — now that’s why we love this awesome android modding community so much, right?

You can get the full guide written by Fenny over here. You’ll need ADB (Android Debug Bridge) — find an ADB installation guide here, if needed.

Try it out, and do let us know how it went, in comments below. If you want to buy the developer a beer, find the donate link here.