Asus ready to unveil the Padfone at Mobile World Congress.


Firstly, there were the smartphones and the net-books. Then came the tablets which almost immediately ate-away the market-share of Netbooks. And now, it seems that another revolution is in the making as Asus will soon be revealing the Padfone.

Paul O’Brian, founder of MoDaCo, seems to have got the word from Asus that they will be unveiling the Padfone at MWC on the 27th of February!

Well, if you haven’t heard about it yet, then you might still be wondering whether what is new about this device. In principle, it is a combination of a smartphone and a tablet-dock ─ the phone will do all the processing-cores while the dock will house things like the display, speakers, an extra battery and a few standard buttons.

And that’s not all, it will also support the original Transformer’s keyboard-dock. So, one will have a smartphone, a tablet and a netbook — all in one! So you can definitely assume that it’s the first full-fledged hybrid. The phone is said to be running Android 4.o for both, the phone and the tablet-dock, and will have a quad-core Tegra 3 processor.

It’s pretty clear that as the MWC is approaching, all manufacturers are training their guns to grab the limelight. We too are equally excited and eager to see such devices.

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