Asus may also launch a 5-inch Zenfone 2 variant

Zenfone 2

Earlier this month at CES 2015 Asus announced the Zenfone 2 and Zenfone Zoom smartphones, both of which were carrying a 5.5 inch screen. But latest rumor suggests that Asus might also release a 5 inch variant of the Zenfone 2 alongside the 5.5 inch variant.

According to Taiwanese source Sogi the 5-inch Zenfone 2 will be released shortly after the 5.5 inch variant hits the market in March. No information is shared on the specifications part but it’s likely that the 5 inch variant will carry the specs of 2GB RAM variant of 5.5 inch Zenfone 2.

Zenfone 2 was announced with a couple of variants at CES 2015, with RAM options going upto 4GB and screen resolution upto 1080p. If this 5 inch variant is anything true, we’d expect it to be with 2GB RAM, 720p screen, slightly smaller battery and with similar camera setup.

Also, price for 5.5 inch Zenfone 2 was set at $199 for the 2GB, 720p screen variant. So the 5 inch Zenfone should come even cheaper.

via Sogi